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If you and your wife are looking for a permanent form of birth control, you might want to consider the vasectomy procedure. There are many reasons why this procedure is suggested with all other birth control methods that exist, and before you go through this or any other form of birth control, you should learn more about the procedure first.

Choose a good doctor!

What is Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a procedure designed to prevent your sperm from reaching your semen, thus giving you a permanent form of birth control. This procedure is seen greater than 99% of other birth control methods, which is not something many understand.

It is done by cutting the vas deferens from each testicles, and then they are sealed, which is what prevents your sperm from reaching semen. You can learn more about how this procedure is done if you check out Sydney vasectomy services from Vasectomy Australia or you can just talk to your doctor instead.

Why is vasectomy suggested?

This is considered to be a very minor procedure. It takes about 7 minutes on average for this procedure to be done, and it will be done in the doctor’s office. The failure rate of being able to impregnate is about 0.15%, and it will take you 2 days to recover from the procedure. Not to mention that it is much cheaper than other forms of permanent birth control procedures, such as tubal ligations.

When you compare tubal ligations and a vasectomy procedure, it is quite obvious why the vasectomy procedure comes out on top. Tubal ligation is a surgery that takes anywhere from 120 to 180 minutes to be performed. The failure rate of being able to be pregnant after the surgery is about 0.5%, and it takes a woman 7 days to recover from this surgery. Not to mention that it is about five times more expensive.

Your performance will not change

One huge misconception about the vasectomy procedure is that your sexual drive or libido will change, but that is completely false. After the procedure is done, and you have healed, you will have the same libido and performance. You will be able to last the same as if you were before the vasectomy procedure.

This is something your doctor can tell you more about, so if you are interested in more details about the vasectomy procedure and the aftermath and what you can expect, you can check out vasectomy in North Shore Sydney at Vasectomy Australia, or talk to your local clinic instead.

It is a very simple procedure and a recommended option for permanent birth control

Final word

There are many things to be considered when it comes to going through permanent birth control. If you are 100% sure that you no longer want to have children, you should look into permanent birth control options, and the vasectomy procedure is seen as one of the best options. You can learn more about this procedure if you talk to your doctor.