Thursday, July 18, 2024
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A new survey suggests that arthritis hurts physical health and negatively affects the quality of life. Arthritis patients report the agony and frustration associated with the disease preventing them from accomplishing their goals. DeLoor Podiatry Associates dedicates itself to providing comprehensive care for patients struggling with arthritis Gramercy. Arthritis does not spell doom if you take the necessary steps to manage it.

Most prevalent forms of arthritis

Inflammation is your body’s natural reaction to injury or illness, but it lasts for more than a month; it may be arthritis. Your joints consist of bones and a cushioning known as cartilage that allows movement without pain.

The joint also has a synovial lining that produces synovial fluid, which is responsible for minimizing friction. Arthritis occurs when there is wear and tear of the joint’s cartilage or reduced production of the synovial fluid.

  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs due to prolonged wear and tear to the cartilage, a tough tissue that cushions the ends of your bones, allowing frictionless movement. Enough damage to this tissue can cause bone grinding, resulting in restricted movement and pain. Wear and tear can be due to old age, infection, or joint injury.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

This degenerative condition occurs when your immune system mistakes your synovial lining for a harmful substance and attacks it, causing swelling and inflammation. If not treated, the disease may progress and destroy the bone and cartilage within the joint.

Self-diagnosis is discouraged as only advanced diagnostic tests can guarantee an accurate diagnosis, the basis of your treatment.

Factors elevating your risk of arthritis

The exact cause of arthritis is still a mystery, but medical experts are looking into the role of lifestyle habits and heredity in the occurrence of arthritis. Several factors may accelerate your risk of developing the dreaded degenerative disease. Old age is one of the factors that accelerations tissue degeneration, elevating your risk of developing osteoarthritis. You may need to consider extra precautions if you also have a family history of arthritis. Excess weight exerts extreme pressure on your joints, accelerating wear and tear. Injuries can also result in joint damage, creating a conducive environment for the development of arthritis.

Nonsurgical treatments for arthritis

Researchers are yet to develop a definite treatment for arthritis. Meanwhile, the DeLoor Podiatry Associates team utilizes state-of-art technology in managing arthritis symptoms and slowing down its progression. Your provider uses your exam results to develop an effective treatment plan to restore your life quality.

The team may begin your treatment with pain and anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate your symptoms. They may also recommend biologics to regulate your immune system’s inflammatory response to prevent the progression of rheumatoid arthritis. Rehabilitation may also be necessary to improve your range of motion and muscle strength and optimize mobility.

 Therapeutic injections like cortisone shots may also temporarily alleviate inflammation and joint pain. The DeLoor Podiatry Associates team only recommends surgery for severe cases which fail to respond to conservative treatments.

For comprehensive arthritis management techniques, call the DeLoor Podiatry Associates office or click on the booking tool.