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Refractive Lense Surgery.


Vision problems seem to escalate over time. As we get older our senses start to fail. Especially our vision. Damage can occur to our vision over our life. Certain things that you get exposed to or certain environments where the sun is stronger can cause damage to the eyes. A common issue with the eyes is cataracts. Cataracts are basically when a cloudy coating goes over the eyes and makes it very difficult for a person to see. Luckily in this day in age there is a surgery to help with that.

What is Refractive Lens Exchange?

When cataracts build up they build up on the refractive lense. The refractive lense is the part of the eye that views the world around and transmits that to the eye and to the brain. It is the first step in seeing what is around you. The refractive lense exchange surgery goes in and replaces that lense when it gets covered in a cloudy cataract. This is the newest surgery and one of the only ways to fix this problem. The surgery is relatively common. It is also common for people with extremely bad vision. It can help you to get 20/20 vision without having to wear glasses.


There are very few complications that go along with this surgery. For people who struggle with cataracts this surgery can save their lives. This surgery is relatively simple. It is completed in approximately fifteen minutes and can be done in an outpatient type procedure. None the less, there are problems that can come up. Of course there is the classic blood clots that can occur with any surgery. If this surgery is completed in order to fix a vision problems it does have the potential to now work. Vision problems can be more than just the refractive lense. So if the refractive lense is not the problem then there is a good chance that it won’t work.

Another issue is that if you are getting the surgery to repair vision you should also consider LASIK. This is because the refractive lense surgery goes deeper into the eye and may expose you to other larger problems. So you should check all your options before settling on Refractive lens surgery. At the end of the day the potential benefits greatly outweigh the complications that can occur.


In short the cost of refractive lens surgery is about four thousand dollars. Although the surgery is short and sweet any type of eye surgery is complicated. So you don’t want to find a cheap doctor who is not going to do a good job. It is worth the four thousand dollars to ensure that you get a high quality surgery.


The recovery of this surgery is relatively little. If everything goes as it should you will be able to fully get back to work or life within a week. However you don’t want to cut that recovery time short because strain on the eye and body can cause undoing of stitches and other problems in the eye. The eye operates by using pressures and liquid inside the eye. So straining it too quickly after surgery can be problematic.


It is not any fun when the time comes that you start to lose your senses. Don’t let a vision problem rob you of happiness and being able to enjoy life. Refractive Lense Surgery when done correctly can ensure that you are able to get relief from cataracts or vision problems. Although there are a few complications that can happen the benefits of this surgery greatly outweigh the cons.