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Deciding to have breast implants is a personal one you make for various reasons, and some consideration generally precedes it. Each patient’s cosmetic objectives are unique, and choosing a plastic surgeon with before and after photographs that match your vision is critical, but there are additional considerations that may be less visible. Additionally, firmness, treatment site and projection are factors that will influence how East Windsor breast implants appear, feel and age over time.

  1. Shape

The curves of your chest will determine the shape of your breast implants. This, like all other issues, requires careful consideration. Teardrop implants have just been accessible in the United States as an alternative to the spherical implants that have long been used in operation. Another alternative is “Gummi bear” implants, which keep their form regardless of external conditions.

  1. Fill

Breast implants are typically constructed of a silicone “shell” and an interior solution of saline or silicone gel. Saline is the conventional fill substance; however, silicone is becoming more popular. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and a doctor will work with you to determine the best option for your body.

  1. Consider your age

Breasts begin to sag and seem flattered as you age. Larger and heavier implants may cause more drooping at this stage, as the ligaments that support the breasts lose flexibility.

  1. Texture

Implants with textured surfaces move more slowly than those with smooth surfaces. You may choose more or less movement in your new breasts, which is affected not just by aesthetics but also by the reasons you sought breast implants in the first place. It is essential to be satisfied with how your new implants feel to you.

  1. Consider life-changing experiences

Pregnancy, delivery, and nursing are life-changing events for women, and they all significantly impact their breasts. During these episodes, the breasts expand and contract. As a result, it is ideal to postpone getting breast implants until you have children. This will save you from having to do extra processes to correct the outcomes. It is also critical to consider the size that will make breasts seem best in the long run rather than only now.

  1. Your level of physical activity

If you perform a lot of running, jogging, or other athletic activity, you should avoid excessively large implants since they interfere with your activities.

Can you nurse a newborn baby if you have breast implants?

Implants put beneath the chest muscle can help avoid damage to the milk ducts and nerves, allowing a new mother with implants to nurse her infant effectively. Any breast augmentation operation can cause increased (or decreased) sensitivity in the nipple, which might affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed successfully. Incisions made under the breast crease or through the armpit should not be a reason for alarm. Conversely, an incision around the areola may raise your chances of nursing complications.

Seeking advice from a board-certified plastic surgeon whose staff is knowledgeable and skilled with breast implant procedures will improve your prognosis. Call Matthew J. Lynch, MD, to schedule your consultation today to determine which breast implant procedure is best for you.