Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Over the years, people have divided further into research for chronic disease treatment. This research has led to many discoveries, a good example being regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine has proved to be the answer to treat various health problems, from musculoskeletal issues like arthritis to liver illness. Regenerative treatment provides the body with the potential to restore or regrow injured tissues, organs, or cells. Phoenix regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Jeffrey McAlister already has a lot of experience in this field. Arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns and determine if you are the right candidate for regenerative therapy. Meanwhile, here are the top benefits of regenerative medicine.

  1. Relieves Discomfort

Long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs and other treatments might have you experiencing discomfort as a slow side effect. Luckily, PRP and stem cell treatment, which are common types of regenerative medication, have no side effects apart from the mild pain of the injection. Regenerative therapies only use what is naturally present in your body to ease your pain and speed your recovery.

  1. Improves The Health Of Your Bones And Tissues

Contrary to the traditional medicines used today, which repair an injury, regenerative medicine truly increases the health of the bones and tissues it cures. On filling your tendons, muscles, and bones with a rich amount of platelets and new cells, regenerative medicine aids the body’s organs in being stronger, eventually leading to a general improvement in your whole musculoskeletal system.

  1. Speeds Up Your Healing

You have observed how your body reacts quickly to any injury and how efficiently it works on that wound. Regenerative medicine increases these curing abilities by emphasizing the area they require most. Therefore, you should expect your doctor to inject stem cell or PRP preparations into the injured site to speed up your healing abilities. When stem cells and PRP are used individually or together, they can repair and regrow fractured bones, tendons, or ligaments, repair degenerated spinal discs, and regrow cartilage.

  1. Have No Side Effects

Although specialists dedicated a lot to effectively restoring the human body from injuries, it all came with a price. Surgical procedures might aid you in regaining your body functions but how this procedure goes about is very risky. No wonder you might suffer more damage than there initially was at times, hence causing the recovery period to be very long. However, regenerative medicine has little to no side effects.

  1. It Is A Natural Source

Researchers have devoted most of their time to regenerative medication since the necessary resources live within the body. Your body’s own regenerative cells can still aid in the body’s repair and cure. These cells are the ones the physician will work with to build up your body to its optimal working ability.

If you were scared of medication due to its untold discomfort, regenerative medicine has come to your aid. Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute prides itself on being well-versed in this type of treatment and are ready to assist you in getting the best results. Visit any of their offices near you or book an appointment today via mobile or online.