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A society is said to be healthy only if it has healthy families. And family starts through marriage and marital relationships. People get married for some specific purposes such as finding meaning in life and having a better quality of marital life. However, the continuation of marriage may depend on several factors, including marital relationships. Marital relationships and sexual health are two important elements essential for maintaining good physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, there are many couples who are either dissatisfied or insecure in terms of their intimate relationships and sexuality. However, relationship skills can be learnt for a more fulfilling and intimate relationship. Sex therapy allows couples to explore different topics and issues of their concern and grow as sexual beings and partners.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a kind of psychotherapy for treating issues related to sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy. Some of the most common sexual topics that are discussed during sex therapy include low sexual desire, problems achieving orgasm, premature or early ejaculation, pain during or after sex, erectile dysfunction, relationship problems contributing to sexuality concerns, and sexual abuse issues to name only a few. Sex therapy also deals with issues such as divorce, fear of intimacy, extramarital relationships and relationships with family, friends, and in-laws, etc.

Find Sex Therapists

Individuals can undergo sex therapy either on their own or with a partner. There are many individuals who find it difficult to talk about their sexual relationships with a professional who they don’t know. Sex therapists, on the other hand, are professional psychologists who are licensed and trained in their respective fields. They perform sex therapy and help couples gain more confidence, improve sexual health, communicate efficiently, and work on achieving a more fulfilling sex life.

Who Should Seek Sex Therapy?

One of the most common questions is who should seek sex therapy. Well, any individual whose quality of life is affected by his or her sexual function or desire or having problems with intimacy in a relationship should undergo sex therapy. Besides, adolescents who are confused and want to know about sexual matters may also consult a sex therapist.

How Sex Therapy is performed?

Sex therapists perform adequate and comprehensive sex counseling to have a positive impact on the mental and sexual health of a person or couple undergoing sex therapy. However, most sex therapist agree that sex therapy like any other kind of therapy is most fruitful when individuals undergoing sex therapy consider the concerns raised and work on such issues collaboratively. There are various issues that are addressed by sex therapists including sex-related issues and relationship issues. One can look for a sex therapist depending on his or her expertise.

Marital satisfaction plays a crucial role in a long-term relationship. Couples sometimes come across situations which make them uncomfortable. Most often they don’t discuss such issues and with time, the problem related to sexual health or relationship reaches a stage where they find it difficult to solve themselves. Sex therapists address such issues and provide the right solutions. Couples must look for sex therapy if their marital life is disturbed due to sexual or relationship problems.

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