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Facial reconstruction is a medical procedure that restores facial features after trauma. The procedure can treat many injuries, including facial lacerations, burns, and damage caused by tumors or diseases. Facial reconstruction Scottsdale has become an essential part of plastic surgery because it gives patients a more natural look than other types of reconstructive surgery. With this procedure, doctors can improve the appearance of both the upper and lower face.

Facial reconstruction aims to restore function, beauty, and normal appearance as much as possible to the patient’s face. The following are some ways in which facial reconstruction can help:

Removal of facial tumors, scars, and other signs of disease or trauma

Facial reconstruction surgery can remove all signs of cancer from your face and restore your appearance. This procedure benefits patients with cancerous tumors removed during a previous operation. In addition to removing the tumor, facial reconstruction can remove any remaining signs of cancer, such as skin tags and warts.

Correction of facial deformities

Your surgeon may have to create a new structure for one or more parts of your face, such as a new nose tip or cheekbone, to match the shape of another part damaged during cancer treatment. This procedure is called reconstruction surgery. It can involve creating new bone and using plastic materials to build up what was there before. The goal is to give you a more natural appearance without looking fake or unnatural, like some prostheses do when they’re made from metal or silicone instead of skin and muscle tissue.

Improve function

One of the most important goals of facial reconstruction is to improve function to allow patients to return to daily activities with minimal discomfort and inconvenience. You may need a chin implant or jaw implant to make chewing easier, or you may have a full mouth reconstruction to help improve speech clarity and pronunciation. Facial reconstruction also improves breathing through an operation that transfers nerves from the chest into the nose or throat, allowing patients to breathe more easily through their nose or mouth without using a respirator machine after surgery.

Improve appearance

The appearance of your face plays a vital role in how you feel about yourself and your social interactions with others. You can look your best by having a natural-looking nose and mouth with soft tissue reconstruction. That makes you look more attractive without undergoing extensive cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty or liposuction. It also allows them to have confidence in themselves because they can smile without worrying about what people might think about their appearance or if they have any health problems that might make them unattractive based on their age or physical condition.

Improved quality of life

Another benefit is the improved quality of life that you can achieve following facial reconstruction surgery. The ability to smile again, feel confident about your appearance, and participate in everyday activities are all critical aspects of being well. You may also be able to reduce your reliance on glasses and contact lenses.

The first step in getting a facial reconstruction is scheduling an appointment with your plastic surgeon. If you have suffered a facial injury or disfigurement, turn to a plastic surgeon to get it fixed. Contact Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery and request an appointment with a specialist to learn more about facial reconstruction.