Friday, April 19, 2024
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Each person in your family has a unique range of dental care needs. Children’s teeth, gums, and jawbones are constantly growing and changing, so they’re best served by paediatric dentists. Teenagers often have teeth and jaw alignment issues that require the services of an orthodontist. You may need periodontal care for gum disease or crowns to cover and protect damaged teeth. Some members of your family may require partials, dentures, or dental implants to replace missing teeth. Anyone might need a filling or extraction from time to time, and everyone should have twice-annual cleanings and dental exams.

Covering Each Family Member’s Dental Needs

For many people, covering all those needs means visiting a different dental practice for each type of service. From there, you may even have to find entirely different dental clinics to handle surgical extractions, oral nerve damage, and other issues. All that entails quite a bit of searching, planning, scheduling, and driving. It’s particularly problematic if you’re like most families. With all the other things going on in your life and those of your spouse and children, finding the right dental specialists and working in all those appointments isn’t exactly easy. Fortunately, a family dental office can provide a helpful solution.

Handling All Your Family’s Dental Needs

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have all your family’s dental needs taken care of in a single place? That’s exactly what family dental practices offer. Instead of providing only basic or specialized dental services, they cover all the care each of your family members may need. They have paediatric dentists on staff who have the special training needed to understand how children’s minds and mouths work. Family dentists also provide orthodontic care for family members who may need braces or retainers to correct teeth and jaw alignment problems.

If anyone in your family is struggling with gum disease and other oral disorders, family practices can provide periodontal treatment. For those who require dentures, bridges, partials, and other tooth replacement options, they have prosthodontists on staff. Oral surgeons are likewise available for root canal procedures, surgical extractions, jawbone reconstruction, and additional in-depth treatments. Family dental practices can also cater to family members with special needs. If anyone in your family experiences unusual levels of fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist, family practices offer sedation dentistry. Of course, they also provide emergency care for those unexpected dental mishaps.

Taking the Guesswork out of the Mix

General dentists can certainly cover the standard dental services your family needs. They may not be able to branch out into all the additional needs that may arise, though. If not, you’ll be left wondering where to go for those additional services, desperately searching for specialists to accommodate your family’s unique requirements, and constantly filling out new patient paperwork. As your family’s dental care requirements grow and evolve, you’ll end up having to orient new care providers with each person’s specific issues. That’s a lot of hassle to go through especially when you’re already overloaded with other responsibilities. Finding a family dental practice will eliminate the stress and take all the guesswork out of the equation.