Thursday, December 7, 2023
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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting on your bike and riding off, feeling the wind in your face and the power of your feet on the pedal. Cycling is a great, fun way to get and keep in shape. That’s not all. It goes beyond the physical by bringing forth a clarity of mind that you wouldn’t experience doing just any exercise.

For most of us, we began cycling during our childhood, peddling down the street with our friends and getting back home with bruised knees but with happy smiles. Along the way, some people leave behind their bicycles either because they outgrew them or get too busy. Cycling doesn’t have an age limit, and if you still move around, then you definitely have the time to cycle. There are so many ways that cycling can make your life better; all you have to do is grab those handles and pedal away.

Too Busy to Cycle?  

When you think of cycling, don’t do so in terms of long road trips and ventures into trails deep into the forest. You can, but you don’t have to, especially when you truly don’t have that much time to spare between work, school, taking care of your family, and other commitments.

Think of replacing your daily commute with a bicycle trip. It’s even better if you have roads with bike lanes. You’ll have no traffic to deal with, and you’ll get to your destination way faster than if you were stuck in traffic. If the nature of your job doesn’t allow you to take your bike for a weekend ride, take advantage of your early mornings and late evenings.

However, if for one reason or another you’d rather not go outdoors, there are indoor bicycles that you can use to cover your desired distance.

Now that anyone can get on a bicycle let’s see how cycling can be a life-changing activity.

Benefits of Cycling 

  • Physical Exercise

Cycling helps you clock in hours of physical exercise that will keep you in shape. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to work up a sweat. If you’re on a workout routine and you’re losing enthusiasm, try cycling for a change. You’ll love it.

  • Anger Management

Among all road users, cyclists undoubtedly bear the brunt of rude drivers daily. If you live in a place where motorists and cyclists share the same road, you know how a simple ride may require all the tolerance, strength, and patience you can muster.

It’s not always possible to escape rude and reckless drivers. Unfortunately, they’re on the roads too. Such drivers will constantly cut you off in ways that put your safety at risk, and then drive off as though nothing happened. Or, you may find yourself in the middle of a verbal fight. It takes a lot of maturity to cycle away, especially when you’ve been wronged.

When you find yourself able to do this, then cycling becomes the anger management therapy that helps you deal with other frustrating situations in life. You learn to walk away from issues that do not add any value or issues that will only hold you back. If you can get to your destination without hurling back insults or jumping off your bike and trying to grab someone through their car window, then you know you’ve got it all under control, and there isn’t much else you can’t deal with. You can also consider when should you need to go for anger management counselling

  • Great Distraction

Cycling gives you time and space to clear your mind and get away from daily stressors. Imagine yourself in the middle of a nature trail, or on a road trip somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The fresh air and serenity around you are enough to give your mind a much-needed reboot.

Going cycling is also great when you’re trying to quit some harmful habits such as smoking or drinking. Once you’re really into cycling, it’s hard to stop. So, it’s a way of replacing bad habits with the good. For instance, let’s say you’ve just completed your alcohol detox program and you’re trying to keep yourself busy so that you don’t fall back into old habits. Grabbing your bike and cycling to a serene place will keep you distracted and occupied in a good and healthy way.

  • Fosters Relationships

Great friendships form when we come across people with interests similar to ours. You’ll have more reason to look forward to your weekends when you know you have a road trip planned with your cycling friends. Great moments will be created, and life will become much brighter.