Thursday, December 7, 2023
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As its name suggests, a Sober Companion is someone who acts as a companion to individuals who would like to remain sober during activities and socialization, which could lead them to drink. Because of the stigma that comes with being an alcoholic or an addict, people may be uncomfortable about bringing up their addiction in conversation or around people they do not know. Sober Companions can act as a buffer and be the ones to lead these conversations because the addiction themselves does not personally affect them. Following are the benefits of having a sober champion:

  1. Possible reduction in social anxiety

It’s no secret that being around a lot of people can cause some to experience acute social anxiety. Because you are around unfamiliar people, for some, it can make them feel uncomfortable and anxious about their surroundings (this feeling can range from mild uneasiness to all-out panic attacks). Having a Sober Companion that can attend events with you and introduce you to others, such as the host or other guests at an event or party, can help them feel more comfortable. For example: if someone is having a party at their house, they may not feel comfortable being around everyone they invited by themselves (this is especially true for alcoholics who normally are used to drinking before social events). If they have a Sober Companion who can help them stay sober and introduce them to others at the party, this helps them feel more relaxed because they are able to bypass the “first impressions” of meeting new people. The person may even be able to talk about themselves and not worry about whether or not they are slurring their words or making a fool of themselves.

  1. Increased confidence.

If you know someone who suffers from anxiety or depression, having a Sober Companion with them can be extremely beneficial. When an individual regularly partakes in drugs or alcohol, it affects their mood and can lead to depression and low self-esteem. Having a sober companion creates more opportunities for social interactions that can lead to a “feel-good” mood. For example: If someone was going out on the town and having fun at a club or bar with their Sober Companion, they might be more inclined to engage in conversations with others instead of feeling isolated and alone in their seat. This also applies when an individual is invited to family events or parties.  If the person has a Sober Companion who can go to these events with them, it gives them someone to talk to that isn’t judgmental. It may even help them feel more comfortable sharing their feelings and opening up on how they feel about themselves in those situations (i.e., family events, getting invited to a wedding, baby shower, etc.).

  1. Helping someone avoid becoming an alcoholic

If you know someone who tends to drink heavily every time they go out, they could easily become an alcoholic (or maybe have already done so). You may be wondering how a Sober Companion can help avoid alcoholism. As mentioned earlier, having a sober companion with them when engaging in activities or events helps them feel more comfortable and confident. They are able to have a good time and talk to other people without worrying about saying the wrong thing or doing something that makes them look like an idiot (especially when they’re drunk). It also gives them someone who can comfort them and give advice on certain situations.

  1. Helping someone stay on track for their goals

If you know someone who is trying to quit drinking or drugs, getting a Sober Companion can help them stay on track with their goals. A Sober Companion can be a great motivator for someone who is trying to stay sober and not give in to temptation. If you know someone who has a problem staying motivated, having someone by their side that believes in them and wants the best for them could be just what they need to keep going when times get tough. This is one of the best sober companion benefits.

  1. An alternative to staying at home alone

When people are trying to stop drinking or doing drugs, they may want to spend more time with other sober individuals who can help them feel like they are part of a group (instead of sitting at home alone all the time). If you know someone trying to stay sober, getting a Sober Companion who will spend time with them regularly could give them the support they need to stay sober. They have someone there to help comfort them when their cravings hit, and also someone that can keep them engaged in other activities, so they aren’t tempted to drink or use drugs.

  1. Saving money

If you know someone who is trying to save money for something special, having a Sober Companion with them to help them stay on track can help them achieve those goals. If they go out regularly and spend their hard-earned money on alcohol or drugs, they can end up wasting a lot of it (which is very frustrating if they’re trying to save money). If they have a sober companion with them, they can still go out and socialize without spending money on drugs or alcohol. Instead, they can save their hard-earned cash for something more worthwhile (i.e., traveling to another country, buying big-screen TV, etc.)

  1. Have someone around to give you support

Having a Sober Companion to be by your side during difficult times when trying to stay sober can help make everything easier. They can provide moral support, talk someone through their cravings, and also offer advice on how best to handle a certain situation (i.e., family issues, stress from work, etc.).. Having someone there to be a supportive friend and have your back can make all the difference.

Bottom Line- Sober companions are an excellent way to ensure your loved one is safe and cared for when they’re not with you. All in all, it’s pretty clear that sober companion benefits are out there for the taking. The only thing you need to do is make sure you’re ready and willing to take them on!