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It will for example have to take into account your morphology because we do not choose the same prostheses for a tall woman or another small, a thin and a wrapped person. The first choice is therefore not always technically possible and for the same reason, a round or anatomical shape may be preferred by the surgeon. In the same way the surgeon will have to take into account the thickness of your skin, the pectoral muscle, the asymmetry, the position of the areola, whether you practice certain sports or not, the width of the chest.

The Final Option

Finally, it is essential to keep in mind that the result must be as natural as possible. The average breast prosthesis in Sydney is around 280cc, a reasonable size that allows you to really gain in volume (about one and a half cup size) while keeping a natural appearance, that is to say without it appear unrealistic. It is therefore essential to choose the size in consultation with your surgeon and to listen carefully to his advice since it is the best place to recommend the size that will best suit your body shape, while taking into account your wishes. Make a visit to for the perfect choice.

  • Rest assured, you will have the opportunity to test different options before the operation by trying prostheses of various sizes in a specially designed bra! Ideal to get a more concrete idea of ​​the benefit on your figure. Keep in mind that if the volume satisfies you dressed, it must also be natural once on the beach or when you are naked, hence the need sometimes to make a compromise in terms of volume, to ultimately gain in comfort and well-being in any situation. The smaller the volume, the easier it will be to get a perfectly natural result. And to discuss it regularly in my circle of acquaintances, with men and women, everyone agrees that they like a beautiful breast as much, a large breast.

What is the price of current breast prostheses?

That’s it we approach the annoying subject. The prices of breast augmentation and implants are free in Sydney, therefore according to the surgeon the cost of the operation can vary from 2000 to 7000 euros, sometimes more. It seems that the average is around 3500-4500 euros when counting the operation. The price of prostheses proper fluctuates around 1000 euros.

The Best Sum

A substantial sum therefore, but given the stake it is reasonable not to seek at all costs the cheapest rates and instead favor the skill of the surgeon. Word of mouth and advice from those around you are still the best way to find it.

Implant placement is by definition intended to adjust the volume of the breast, but not strictly speaking to correct an adjustment. To find out more, we also suggest you read our previous article: is it better to opt for prostheses or a facelift?

Is this reimbursed by social security:

Most of the time breast augmentation and adapted implants are not reimbursed by social security, as it is generally a cosmetic surgery operation . A partial reimbursement can nevertheless be granted in the event of breast agenesis, a strong asymmetry or malformations of the chest for example.