Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Physiotherapy is a branch of healing that focusses on treating various kinds of pains and discomforts. Most of the pains are caused due to sports, occupational demands and injury or nervous disorders. When you are selecting a professional physiotherapist, you must look into the following factors:

  1. Knowledge of corrective techniques: People have different ways of sitting, walking or holding things or even working on computer and in kitchen. Some of these ways may be quite injurious to joints because of which aches and postural problems can arise. Thus, the focus of physiotherapist should not be on short term healing, but also on making treatments the way of life. So, search a physiotherapist that has the zeal for correcting people’s pains the sustainable way.
  2. Complete knowledge of corrective tools and equipment: Having the rehabilitator equipment certainly is a plus for a physiotherapist. Apart from the availability of resources, the physiotherapist must be fully conversant with the operations and functions and the applicability of these per patient basis. Patients can require different degrees of support and so, the physiotherapist must be able to assess the required range and use it too.
  3. Focus on holistic approach: An able physiotherapist will be the one who is able to offer guidance on the food, exercises, range of movement of limbs and joints health etc. The physiotherapist should not rely solely on the techniques offering immediate relief. They should also be able to encourage the patients to imbibe the corrections regarding postures, body balance, muscle/joint relationship and the mechanics of body movements. Whether it is the correct way of walking or standing or holding things, the physiotherapists should be able to treat a patient on all aspects and help them regain healthier way of doing things.
  4. Support of dietetics: The working of body cannot be corrected by taking external measures or learning about the postures, etc. It has a lot to do with the correct diet too. The people suffering from the bones and joints problems are mostly having lot of body fat. The postural issues come second to that. Food can also help in depositing the required minerals and vitamins in the body required for healthier bones and joints. So, solutions for issues related to weight management, etc. and the rehabilitation plans collectively help in treating the people holistically and sustainably.

All such qualities can be found in the physiotherapists at Integral Performance Physio where the best hands help the patients in bringing the life back to normal.