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Mental health issues might not cause physical pain, but they impact how your brain processes information and lead to social problems. Although you can opt for medications to deal with irreversible mental issues, sometimes you may need to consult a Houston, TX doctor of nursing practice to find effective therapies for your condition. Therapy leads to behavior, thus alleviating depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Your doctor will assess your mental health before recommending therapies that alleviate the condition. These are health conditions you can treat with mental wellness and therapies.


Although some patients might resort to medications to deal with depression, medications can have side effects and lead to addiction. Moreover, once you start a treatment plan using medications, you might never stop using the medications for a lifetime. Thus therapy and mental wellness practices would be ideal for depression.

You can opt for cognitive behavior therapy to deal with depression, as this approach is a standard for treating depression. The therapy makes patients aware of their negative thoughts and teaches them how to replace them with positive ones. The CBT treatment rewires how your brain perceives everyday information, leading to alleviating depression.

Another approach to treating depression is psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy, which focuses on a person’s unconscious processes. It is easy to address depression by getting to the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. For instance, you might overcome the negative unconscious ideas about yourself and your environment. Thus you would process the cause of depression, such as early childhood trauma and bad family dynamics, making it easy to replace these negative experiences with positive ones.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

ADHD impacts children, making them act impulsively, have issues paying attention, and stay overly active. The ADHD symptoms may worsen when an individual is stressed, leading to difficulty concentrating at school and work. Although adults rarely exhibit hyperactivity, ADHD causes them to have trouble starting to work, get stuck with incomplete work, and pays attention to little details. You may have problems controlling your impulses, getting organized, setting priorities, and overcoming feelings of frustration. Thus, you could use behavioral therapy to overcome ADHD symptoms as it promotes a positive thought process, making it easy to concentrate at work. You may undergo schema therapy, talk therapy, and marriage and family therapies to overcome ADHD.

Weight Loss Therapy

Although you would think weight loss involves dieting and exercising, you may need to undergo weight loss therapy to lead a healthy life. A therapist will help you set personal goals leading to behavioral change and a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss counseling involves maintaining a healthy weight through supervised weight loss programs.

Different mental health problems might lead to negative thoughts and self-harm, and therapies might alleviate mental issues. However, you should ensure your therapist is trained and accredited to improve mental treatments. You can opt for behavioral and cognitive therapies to deal with anxiety, ADHD, depression, and weight loss. Although you could opt for medications to deal with these mental issues, you would become addicted to the frequent medications, making it hard to live a life free from dependence on medications.