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Chewing and speaking typically might be affected by missing teeth. Furthermore, they can take away from the appearance of your smile, which can lower your self-esteem. Dental implants offer a permanent tooth replacement option.

A variety of implant kinds can meet your different dental needs. For more information, contact a dentist in Lakeview, Chicago

Which dental implant can make your smile natural?

  • Single dental implants

A single dental implant may be used as a suitable replacement for a single lost tooth. A titanium post that an oral surgeon surgically inserts into the patient’s jaw is used in this fixture.

After the injury has healed, the dentist attaches a prosthetic tooth to an abutment that is attached to the post above the gum line. If required, a patient could benefit from many implants of this type. After tooth loss, an implant fills in the spaces left by missing teeth, enhancing the patient’s smile and improving their self-esteem.

  • Implant-supported dental bridges

A dental bridge that is supported by implants is an ideal choice for those who have lost three or more teeth at a time. Two titanium posts are installed in the fixture, one for each side of the prosthetic tooth bridge.

With a dental implant, patients can expect better speech and eating abilities. They can confidently carry out oral duties since the implant offers permanent tooth replacement without the possibility of slippage.

  •  All-on-Four dental implants

A whole dental arch is replaced with an All-on-Four dental implant. If required, patients may have implants inserted in both their upper and lower dental arches. This implant employs four titanium posts to hold up the arch of artificial teeth.

Dental implants maintain the health of the jaw, in contrast to removable tooth replacement treatments like dentures. After tooth loss, it restores the missing tooth root to stimulate the jaw and avoid bone loss. During an oral examination and consultation with your dentist, you can find out if you qualify for dental implants.

Implant-retained denture

A denture is a prosthetic tooth arch. It builds the impression that you have an entire set of teeth since it occurs on your gum line. Traditional dentures have an issue of being removable, which means that they can slip, slide, click, come loose, and cause discomfort when doing everyday activities like eating and speaking.

You will get a brand-new, customized denture that fits to the dental implants when you have healed. The result is a stable, permanent denture that has been customized to match the features of your face.

This may be the answer to every issue you are experiencing with your dentures if you wear them. In addition, this could be a great way to restore your confidence and smile if you have several missing teeth.