Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Dates are a highly healthy sort of food for your body. They are high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, fibre, and even iron. Furthermore, stem dates have a high caloric content, making them a more than enough source of energy for your body. You can easily buy dates online and get the best product.

Dates also have other health benefits, such as being ideal for combating anaemia, lowering harmful cholesterol levels, and even improving and strengthening bones at the same time, preventing the appearance of osteoporosis in the best way possible.

What is the origin of dates?

Dates are exotic fruits that grow on palm trees, particularly the Phoenix variety. They come originally from both the Middle East and North Africa. Dates must be treated before they can be harvested from the palm tree.

To do this, they are boiled in water before peeling the dates and leaving them in water for at least 72 hours, so erasing the date’s original bitter taste. Following that, the dates will be boiled with sugar for at least 7 hours before they are ready to consume.

How do you store and ripen dates?

You can store dehydrated dates in a hermetically sealed glass container away from direct light.

How do you cook and consume dates?

Dates can be eaten fresh by removing the inner seed, and they can also be used as a substitute for added sugar in some recipes. It goes well with cheese and accompanying salads.

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Date Varieties

In terms of different varieties of dates, the market has a large and varied offer. Dates can be classified depending on their consistency or texture, allowing us to identify soft, dry, or semi-dry dates.

There are various variations, and here at Mercado del Paraso, you may find the best sorts of edible dates, including the following:

  • Medjool dates are incredibly sweet and are a fantastic source of energy for persons who participate in sports on a daily basis. It contains a lot of carbs, with about 275 calories per 100 grammes. Medjool dates are slightly larger than regular dates and can be eaten alone or with a cake, for example.
  • Date Deglet Nour, a North African variety often known as the “King of All Dates.” It has a honeyed flavour and a particularly smooth texture, and it is the most often exported form of date today.
  • Sukary dates are larger and have a distinct flavour. It is the most popular date in the Middle East, having a particularly sweet and honeyed flavour.
  • Ajwa dates that are smaller than usual but taste delicious. They have bone, therefore the first step is to pit the dates, which are also known as “prophets dates.”

Why should you buy dates online?

There are online specialists; you can buy dates online and that too the most exquisite and healthiest one for you. As a result, the majority of the dates are allergen-free, include no additives, and have no added sugars.

Dates are one of nature’s most delicious creations and may be utilised in a variety of cuisines. If you want to learn more about dates, visit this blog where there is a discussion many topics of interest, such as the advantages of dates and the finest recipes with dates.