Friday, April 19, 2024
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Some people who are considering getting dental implants are concerned about how well their implants integrate with their surrounding teeth. Do these implants impact the natural teeth, bone tissue, and gum? Another concern about North Vancouver Dental Implants is whether the new dental crown matches the existing teeth.

Usually, dental implants are made to fit around the existing teeth, which means the procedure does not involve removing a tooth to fit the implants. The procedure involves placing an artificial root in the form of a titanium post into the jaw, securing the tooth. Thus, dental implants are not anchored to the existing teeth, which makes them a hygienic option. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They protect the natural teeth by giving structural support. 

Dental implants are made to replace missing teeth. Also, they can be used for anchoring dentures or dental bridges in place. When inserted into the jaw, an implant is allowed to heal and fuse with the bone. Once the bone heals, an abutment is placed to hold the artificial tooth or dental crown. The following are reasons dental implants work like real teeth:

They Have the Natural Teeth’s Structure

Part of the implant procedure is the placement of a prosthetic crown, which is made from porcelain material. This material matches the remaining teeth’s shade. The porcelain crown can be customized to match the missing tooth’s form. 

They are Functional and Strong as Real Teeth

When the implants are inserted into the jaw and integrate fully, they become an anchor that is as strong as real teeth. After the crowns are attached, the final restoration functions like real teeth. A patient can bite and chew with confidence knowing that their implant can endure the force without experiencing issues. 

Those who have been using dental bridges or dentures can tell the new tooth’s strength. Their eating and speech pattern changes when their dentures or bridges are not fitted properly. 

They Can Enhance Denture Fitting

Those who no longer have all of their teeth and wear dentures know how undependable and discomfort these false teeth are. They should watch what they eat and be conscious of the way they talk. Also, they have to use denture adhesives to make sure their dentures don’t slip out. 

Dental implants offer comfort and stability. While dentures are designed to fit the mouth of a patient, implants can secure dentures, so they can function optimally.