Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Many people suffer from persistent neck pain after several hours of working on the computer or sleeping in an awkward position. Doctors would often recommend anti-inflammatory medicines but they do not provide a much-needed relief. A better treatment option is the use of a heated neck massager to improve function and decrease pain. 

A heated neck massager fits snugly behind the neck to provide relief from tension. An easy to access control will manage heat and speed settings to customize a soothing and relaxing massage. Stimulating vibrations will ease the stiffness of the neck while the gentle heat will provide therapeutic warmth. At a press of a button, you can change the intensity, set timers, and initiate a special massage cycle. 

Different types of heated massagers

  • Neck and shoulders massagers – the massagers are either pillow-shaped or U-shaped and designed to provide a heated massage on the neck and shoulders. Powerful kneading mechanisms are easy to control depending on how deep you want the massage. 
  • Back massagers – heated massagers for the back include various iterations of pillow or full-length massagers. The pillow massagers target one area at a time like the lower or upper back. Full-length massagers are designed to cover the neck down to the knees. There are also back massagers that are designed to be used while sitting. They are flexible and can be extended up to 180 degrees for a full recline. 
  • Handheld massagers – these massagers look like showerheads and can be used on areas that are difficult to reach like the lower legs and mid-back. Most handheld models are designed for therapeutic purposes and targets muscles with powerful vibrations and controlled heat. 
  • Lower body massagers – the heated massager is designed for the feet, knees, and calves. Those for the feet usually resemble pillows although there are premium models that encase the feet entirely like giant boots. Heated massagers for the calves and knees are medical devices that are used for therapy programs. 

Different features of heated massagers

Heated massagers have different features like two or three heat settings. Heat is localized to a particular area. A timer is used to gradually increase heat during the treatment. There are models that allow the user to choose massage only without heat. 

Heated massagers have different settings. Kneading is usually performed through a series of nodes that twists, turns, rotates or vibrates. Entry-level models have limited settings while the premium models allow full customization to create a unique massage program. 

Most heated massagers have an auto-shutoff timer. After the maximum period of time which is typically one hour, the massager will turn off automatically. Manual resetting is available to continue the massage. 

There are budget-friendly heat massagers but their settings are often limited. There are expensive models but the price is justified because of the wide variety of heat and massage settings. The best heated neck massager provides superior tension relief on the neck and shoulders. It has multiple functionalities with a user-friendly LCD interface. You simply put the heated massager around your neck and shoulders to enjoy a deep rub massage.