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A fat transfer procedure is a surgical procedure where fat from one part of the body is used on your face to balance out your features, and to make you look youthful meeting your appearance goals. If you are planning to undergo a fat transfer in Las Vegas, you need to understand these few tips and tricks for a healthy and successful outcome.

There are several side effects which can occur temporarily:

  • Facial asymmetry
  • Thin lips
  • Difficulty smiling
  • Swelling occurring longer than two days
  • Over-pronounced eyebrows
  • Fluctuating inflammation and swelling
  • Cheeks that are hard to the touch
  • Deep lines around the mouth
  • Chin may feel strange or “lumpy”
  • The face seems too “full”

The healing process is accompanied by these side effects and should not worry you. You must follow the post-operative instructions and give yourself an opportunity for a speedy recovery.

Risks and Complications

Complications are usually very rare, but if you see any of the following symptoms call the doctor immediately:

  • Worsening abdominal pain, i.e., a pain which is progressing and cannot be subsided even with pain medications
  • A fever of 100 degrees or more

Healing time

Week 1 – During week one, there will be swelling and bruising on both the areas which are called donor and receptor sites. You will experience slight pain and discomfort but usual pain medication will help.

Week Two – Reduction in swelling and bruising is evident in seven to ten days. Most of the patients who have undergone a Fat Transfer In Las Vegas have been able to resume working in week two, but recovery is different for everyone.

Week Three – Swelling and bruising even on the donor side begins to fade away and a follow up with the doctor is recommended.

As each patient has a different recovery time you must be patient even if there is swelling and bruising which lasts beyond the suggested time. Eventually, swelling subsides and bruising goes away resulting in a beautiful and youthful look.

Don’t Panic

Some patients may notice that swelling lasts for several weeks. This typically occurs in small areas and is usually not very significant. During this time, it is important to remain patient while your body heals from the procedure. Because each patient is different, recovery time can vary. The swelling will eventually subside, and the surgical areas will smooth out.

These are some points you should keep in mind if you plan to get a fat transfer in Las Vegas.