Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Did you know that the United Arab Emirates probably has the best health insurance base in the world? Well yes, they do. It is also a fact that it attracts expats who want to move there. Medical care plays an important role in health levels. Safe in Dubai and is important for immigrants living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

UAE Healthcare Facts You Should Know!

The United Arab Emirates are known for their high standards of medical care. It’s completely free for Emirates residents! In Dubai, there are at least 3 doctors for every 1000 inhabitants. The expectancy rate in Dubai is 79. Overall, 98% of the population has health insurance. Around 12 million people visit Dubai with the ultimate destination of medical tourism and the hospitals in UAE are equipped with advanced technology and highly qualified experts.

What does the UAE public medical care cover?

UAE public medical clinics are well organized, systematic, and efficient and provide a high standard of care. Public services include diagnostic testing, emergency care, physical therapy, maternity care, and prescription drugs. Excluding dental care, ear care, and eye care. Expats can access public services after purchasing a health card from the Ministry of Health, which can be applied online.

What is the basic tariff?

Surprisingly, even the most basic tariff guarantees satisfactory health insurance in the Emirates. The most basic health insurance scheme required by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the Essential Benefits Package (EBP) and annual costs range from AED 565 to AED 650. The policy offers the highest annual coverage of AED 150,000 in Dubai, as well as in a large part of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Each Basic Plan has a minimum annual limit of AED 1,50,000, minimum maternity insurance of AED 7,000, essential vaccinations, semi-private hospital accommodation, emergency insurance for all emirates, inpatient and outpatient treatment with a maximum of 20% deductible and much more.

Essential Benefits Package

The Essential Benefits Package is a boon, especially for low-income groups. This plan is the result of collaboration between the Dubai government and a handful of small health insurance companies. This makes it affordable even for low-income Dubai residents. .The premium plan starts at 650 AED. Maternity protection is one of the best health insurance benefits in Dubai. With slight contrasts in the details of the plans, even the simplest plan can bring peace and tranquility to a mother. For new mothers and also postpartum care, the plans offer for example eight visits to a healthcare physician during pregnancy, 3 free ultrasound scans, coverage of up to AED 7,000 for normal delivery, and coverage of AED 10,000 for a medically necessary cesarean section.

How do I find a health insurance provider in Dubai?

You don’t have to worry about medical care in Dubai as there are many hospitals in UAE and the health insurance brokers Dubai to insure you. Advantages! Numerous private and opened clinics in Dubai work 24 hours every day, which makes it easy for patients to achieve clinical requirements.