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Eyebrows significantly impact the overall aesthetics of the face. They may define your eyes and reveal your natural features when properly formed. Unfortunately, factors like aging, scarring, medical problems, and over-plucking can cause thinning or loss of your eyebrow hair. Fortunately, eyebrow transplant Austin may increase the density of your eyebrows to improve your appearance.

An eyebrow transplant is your best choice if you want a slight or dramatic change to your brow to restore its well-defined contour.

What is eyebrow transplant surgery?

Just like it sounds, eyebrow transplant is like hair transplant surgery. Eyebrow transplant is a procedure that involves getting hair from a part of your head and using it to fill in for missing or inadequate eyebrows.

How do eyebrow transplants work?

The fundamental idea of an eyebrow transplant is similar to that of a hair transplant. When having an eyebrow transplant, donor hair should ideally be taken from behind the ears. This is because the texture of this hair most closely resembles that of brown hair.

The grafts must then be implanted after being retrieved. To prevent scarring, doctors initially make small incisions on the recipient areas. The grafts are then carefully inserted in the direction of normal hair development as the last and final phase.

What to expect after eyebrow transplant

You could suffer a slight swelling or bruising after this procedure, but this is often transient and can be managed with painkillers.

It might take months before the full results of the brow transplant become apparent. It is natural for the transplanted hairs to fall out after a few weeks; do not get alarmed. The hair itself, not the root, is what is falling out. The hair will thus keep growing.

Is an eyebrow transplant ideal for me?

 Like any other type of cosmetic surgery, an eyebrow transplant is a medical procedure. Even if it’s straightforward, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Therefore, consider consulting a qualified medical professional before the procedure to ensure success.

Although it is more common among women since fashion celebrities have made the eyebrow a key component of their appearances, eyebrow transplants are available to all sexes.

Benefits of eyebrow transplant

One of the best benefits of eyebrow transplant is that the results are permanent. The hair that grows back after an eyebrow transplant may be handled just like natural hair, unlike tattooing and micro blading. It may thus be waxed, threaded, or even colored.

In addition, it is natural-looking. An eyebrow transplant moves your own natural hair from other parts of your body to the eyebrow area. The grafts have a consistent color and continue to develop naturally.

Potential risks of eyebrow transplant surgery

Like any cosmetic operation, there are risks associated with brow transplant surgery. For example, there may be instances when not all transplanted grafts survive, necessitating several procedures. Additional risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and bruising.

Do your research before making an appointment and look for a  reputable plastic surgeon.

If you are thinking of an eyebrow transplant, call Pearce Plastic Surgery to book your appointment.