Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Gymming should be an essential part of your daily routine. Looking good is not always essential but staying healthy is. People in Bangalore have become conscious about their appearance and have started to enrol in gyms. Many people like working out at their home while most people need an environment to exercise, and they join a gym for that purpose. 

Although there are different exercises for every body part, some of the exercises are a must to do daily. They ensure good stamina and keep the entire body in shape. You can easily find good gyms in Bangalore.  

This article will discuss the practical exercises that you should always add to your gym routine. 

Exercises to include in daily routine 

  • Pushups

You should always include Pushups in your daily routine. They are one of the most effective workouts for building strength. You can do three sets of pushups while doing the warm-up. To perform a pushup, you must move the muscles adequately; if you find difficulty in doing the standard pushup, you could also drop down on your knees and do a modified stance. 

  • Squats

Squats can work for your core in a very effective manner. And you can do squats in your regular workout. There are many gyms in Bangalore where there are separate areas for doing squats. Squats can increase your strength and muscle mass. 

  • Burpees

Burpees can be considered the best exercise for a full-body workout. If you include this in your gym routine, you can never be unfit in your whole life. You must do three sets of burpees, ten each. It can burn calories and improve blood flow, cholesterol levels, and brain function and lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure.

  • Bench Press

To have a good body, you must join a gym. There are various gyms in Bangalore from which you could choose from. However, to have a strong and firm upper body, you must do bench press daily. You could quickly tone your upper body muscles, including shoulders, arms, and pectorals, with this exercise. For people trying to lose weight, this can be a perfect option as it can also burn calories.  

  • Cardio

You are doing the exercise for weight loss or weight gain; You must give about 10-15 minutes to cardio. Either you could run on the treadmill, do cycling, or do other machines. Cardio can build up your stamina with its highly intensive workout. You might also have a lot of sweat, but it would be worth the efforts. 


There are many gyms in Bangalore where you can join by considering factors such as cost, location, equipment, facilities, etc. You must have the willpower to continue with your workouts regularly. Even if you give a particular day to a specific body part, you should always include the exercise mentioned in your daily gym routine.