Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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For over a thousand years, cannabis has existed and been used by people looking to relax or relieve stress, anxiety, and a few other psychological or physiological ailments. Nowadays, the plant is said to be a panacea for a lot of illnesses – from insomnia, dementia, and depression, to relieving pain from cancer and alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.Although a lot of naysayers will insist that the benefits of medical cannabis houston tx are purely fabricated stories created by those who just want to justify their use of the drug.

What is cannabis?

It is important to remember that the unprocessed cannabis plant as a whole is not recognized by the FDA as medicine, nor is it approved to be used as such.  The cannabis plant contains two major active ingredients – cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is in addition to several other minor elements or cannabinoids. Cannabis – or medical cannabis – is specially formulated to contain a higher CBD content to serve its purpose.

What’s the difference between medical and recreational cannabis?

Cannabis is formulated for the purpose of relieving medical symptoms. It is designed to have a much higher CBD content than recreational cannabis. CBD does not contain psychoactive properties and therefore does not produce the “high” that people would get from using its recreational form.

On the other hand, recreational cannabis contains a higher content of THC, thus producing the “high” that is commonly associated with using the drug. This version of cannabis is purely for recreational use and will not be effective as the medical version if you need it to alleviate symptoms from an illness or side effects from a medical treatment. Visit JoyOrganics CBD softgels to see what are available in both medical and recreational versions.

Are there risks involved in using cannabis?

Even though the THC content in specially-formulated cannabis is significantly lower than that of the recreational variety, it is still possible that some patients will experience a few symptoms such as mood alterations, distorted perceptions, and cognitive impairment. Young people especially should not use cannabis, medical or otherwise, because they are at a higher risk of experiencing problems due to an underdeveloped nervous system.

Whatever risks are there from using cannabis can be attributed to the THC present in the dosage. For cannabis, we strongly recommend that the amount of CBD in it is significantly higher than its THC content.

Is it safe to use cannabis if I’m taking other medications?

Before taking cannabis, we strongly suggest that you visit dispensary and check first with our pharmacists. Some medications, such as those that reduce blood clotting, anti-platelet drugs, or medications that treat anxiety or insomnia, run the risk of interacting with medical cannabis.

For those that are already taking other forms of medication and are planning to take cannabis – medical or recreational – we advise them to first consult with their physician and discuss it beforehand. Ask your health provider about possible drug-to-drug interactions and how it may affect you and your treatment.