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What is Lap-Band surgery?

Lap-Band surgery is also called gastric band surgery. For this procedure, a bariatric surgeon places a thin-adjustable ring or gastric band around the upper part of the candidate’s stomach. Which creates a new as well as smaller stomach pouch.

How is Lap-Band surgery performed?

The bariatric surgeon generally uses a laparoscope to position the Lap-band, which helps the surgery to be done through various small incisions in the abdomen, or the stomach area of the patient.

How does Lap Band Surgery help to lose weight?

The Lap-band that is placed, regulates the flow of food intake between the upper and lower parts of your stomach, which makes you feel full sooner.

Few advantages of LAP-BAND®

  • Approval:

This surgery is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for candidates with a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher if they have risk factors related to being obese.

  • Least invasive:

For weight loss, Lap-band surgery is minimally invasive.

  • No cutting:

There is no intestinal rerouting, no stapling or cutting of the stomach wall or bowel is involved in the surgery.

  • Reduced pain, stay, recovery:

There is reduced patient pain, the hospital length of stay is not long and recovery time is quick.

  • Low risk:

The is a low risk of nutritional deficiencies that are associated with gastric bypass.

  • Dumping Syndrome:

There is no risk of “dumping syndrome” involved which is typically associated with gastric bypass surgery.

  • Customize food intake:

The adjustable band helps the surgeon to customize how food inflows from one part of the patient’s stomach to the other, which is an ideal process for long-term weight loss.

  • No Additional surgery:

Adjustments, if any, are performed without additional surgery.

  • Pregnancy:

It is approved for use at the time of pregnancy.

  • Removable:

It is removable at any time and then the stomach generally restores to its original form.

Before undergoing Lap-Band surgery, it is essential to understand the process as well as the benefits associated. It is better to contact a professional bariatric expert, who can guide you accurately with facts.