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It’s true that eyelash extensions look great. But it’s also true that they discard half your eye makeup collection.

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As such, lash extensions last for up to 6 weeks; however, if you wear wrong makeup products with them, they will fall out and may even get damaged, thereby reducing the length of time they look rich and beautiful.

It’s heartbreaking to see lash extensions falling out rapidly. This could happen owing to your fast lash metabolism. But it also could be due to the makeup products you are using.

Not sure which products to keep using and which not to? Here are both of them for the health of your extensions.

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – No

Keep in mind that budge-proof and smudge-proof eye makeup is typically bad for lash extensions. Waterproof or water-resistant liquid liner also comes under this.

A liquid eyeliner may not seem guilty enough but its long-wearing formulation will need you to rub or touch your lashes repeatedly to remove it.  All these will reduce the lifespan of your extensions.

Pen Eyeliner – Yes

This eyeliner pen has a tapered brush which allows a seamless application.  Better even is the fact that you won’t need to go around your eye area to remove this stuff.

Tubing Mascara – No

In fact, you can apply mascara without ruining your lashes. You just have to keep away from tubing formulas.

Tubing mascara can be removed from natural lashes with a light pressure and a little moisture. But it gets stuck to lash extensions like glue.

You can take it off, but not sans losing a few lashes, the precious ones you got from a place like

Lightweight Mascara – Yes

Weightless textures still provide voluminous outcomes. Antioxidant-rich mascara made from Amazonian clay doesn’t damage your lashes.

You’ll be amazed to find that this offers a drama without rendering too much weight to your lashes, just like eyebrow shaping such as at

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Pencil Eyeliner – No

Having long individual false lashes may have a strange consequence: tangling of your eyelashes.

At such times, dragging a sticky pencil liner along the lashes where the extensions make their feeble bonds simply make things worse and lead to lash fallout.

Gel and cream eyeliners can leave a sticky residue on extensions making the removal process extremely problematic.

Powder Eyeliner – Yes

You can glide this powder smoothly with a flat angled brush along your lash line. It has a transfer-resistant texture that doesn’t budge which means it won’t meddle with your lashes.

Oil-based Makeup Remover – No

Keeping lash extensions clean is important to keep them in place as long as possible. Oil-based makeup removers are ideal for taking off stubborn eye makeup, but they weaken the glue that attaches extensions to lashes.

Oil-free Makeup Remover – Yes

Getting oil-free makeup products is quite difficult. But fortunately, such products with plant-based ingredients have been formulated.

While removing makeup from eyelash extensions, you should make use of an oil-free makeup remover, which may contain ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, cucumber etc.

These are perfect for removing makeup from the most sensitive areas.

Choose the right makeup products and enjoy having your lash extensions for maximum length of time.