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Hypertension, often known as high blood pressure, affects approximately 50% of Americans. Unfortunately, millions of individuals are unaware that they have unmanaged hypertension, raising their risk of stroke and heart arrest. Considering hypertension typically does not exhibit symptoms, the only way to determine if you have it is to have your blood pressure tested at TLC Medical Group Inc. If you are at greater risk or discover your Port Saint Lucie hypertension requires monitoring, it may be beneficial to have your blood pressure checked more frequently. Continue reading to discover some common risk factors for hypertension.

Family History

Although it is hard to determine if your genes are susceptible to hypertension, you can make an educated guess by examining your family history. If your siblings, parents, or grandparents have hypertension, you might also develop it. 

Aging & Gender

Blood pressure is the force that your blood exerts on your blood vessels. Blood arteries in good health are elastic, but they harden with age, which elevates blood pressure. Hypertension-free adults aged 55 to 65 have a 90% lifetime probability of getting the condition. Earlier in life, men are more susceptible to hypertension than women, whereas elderly women are more susceptible than older men.

Specific Ethnicities

Black Caribbean, African, Native, or Hispanic American people are more likely to have high blood pressure. However, research remains inconclusive on whether this concern is due to genetics or lifestyle factors.

Obesity and Overweight

A BMI greater than 30 indicates obesity. If you are obese or overweight, extra blood is required to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body, which explains why many obese persons are vulnerable to hypertension.


Diet plays a significant role in reducing hypertension risk. Frequent drinkers have higher blood pressure than those who abstain. The excessive consumption of saturated fats and salt could also lead to hypertension. Research shows that reducing and avoiding these substances lowers blood pressure.

Sedentary Living

Physical activity could aid in weight loss, boost mood, and enhance appearance, but these are only added benefits. The greatest advantage of exercise could be its health benefits, such as a reduced risk of hypertension. On the flip side, inactivity increases the risk of hypertension.


In today’s fast-paced, increasingly demanding environment, stress management could practically save your life. The wear and tear of mental stress could severely affect blood pressure and general health with time. In times of high stress, it is typical for the heart rate to increase. Unfortunately, the heart rate rarely reverts to normal in chronic stress conditions. This persistent stress might cause substantial damage if you do not take action to manage it.

Other Health Problems

Specific health issues could raise the likelihood of developing hypertension. High cholesterol and diabetes both increase the risk of hypertension. If you have these concerns, you could reduce your risk of hypertension by attempting to manage your cholesterol levels and diabetes.

Hypertension should not be overlooked. Else, you risk life-threatening complications. If you think that you have hypertension, or have any of the risk factors highlighted above, arrange for a screening at TLC Medical Group Inc. Based on your blood pressure levels, your doctor will give you lifestyle advice and a tailored care plan. Call the Port Saint Lucie, FL, office or request an appointment online to schedule a consultation.