Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Your brain is a fascinating organ that controls body functioning. Any alteration in the composition of the brain will change how the brain controls the body. Most of these changes occur due to drugs and substance abuse. Once you become an addict, your brain is triggered so that you cannot live without the drugs. People have struggled with addiction, increasing the numbers, and most do not know what to do to fight the problem. Getting a good addiction Howell specialist may be daunting. However, at the ReYou Ketamine Treatments, the team has experience in compassionate and supportive treatment. They will examine and formulate an ideal treatment schedule that suits your needs. Here are some facts about addiction you need to know.

People Abuse Alcohol the Most

Alcohol has become the most used substance across the globe. In many areas, it is legal and allows people to acquire it anytime. Using it does not mean it must lead to addiction, but misusing it may cause addiction. Most of the addictions can be traced to a history of alcohol abuse. Most adults have consumed alcohol at some point in life, while some mays it a daily habit. The prolonged misuse of this substance without seeking treatment leads to addiction and eventually causes brain damage. Small doses of alcohol may be acceptable to some extent but may become dangerous when people depend on it for existence.

Addiction Alters Your Brain Structure

An addict is at a higher risk of experiencing brain damage. The more you consume substances that cause addiction, your brain structure changes. Addictive substances cut short dopamine processing in your brain, which is the chemical messenger and neurotransmitter. This will then affect your mood, including the part that controls your life-sustaining behaviors such as eating. The effect accelerates and makes you unable to live without the drug to make the feeling more pleasurable. This damages your reward system and requires you to have more substance to keep you going.

Your Genes Play A Part In Addiction

Addiction is a combination of different things, including genetic factors, the environment, and also due to trauma. Genetics contribute to around half the chances of addiction, while other factors such as lifestyle and environment bring the other causes. You may not be able to identify a specific gene leading to addiction, but research concludes that multiple genes play a role in causing addiction.

Addiction Is Not Only For Drugs And Substance Abuse

People always think that addiction occurs due to excessive misuse of drugs and alcohol. However, these are just a few triggers of addiction. Other lifestyle problems, such as gambling, food, shopping, and sex, lead to addiction. Other behaviors, such as exercise and work, can also lead to addiction. This requires a specialist to diagnose your problem to understand the exact trigger of addiction.

People do not take addiction seriously, while some do not even know they are addicted until they see a specialist. People struggle to find the right specialist to handle their problems and therefore choose to remain with their problems. However, the ReYou Ketamine Treatments team cares about your well-being. They will diagnose and provide a proper plan to eliminate your addiction. You can start by planning an online consultation or calling their office today.