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Many have had numerous questions about why you feel dizzy on ordinary days or when ill. Dizziness can be uncomfortable and make you not go on with your daily duties as you wish. However, dizziness is common, especially for adults, when you have certain blood-related conditions. It shows that your body lacks the desired balance and makes you feel like you are spinning. Getting a good Alexandria dizziness specialist to address your problem may be daunting. However, at Integrated Neurology Services, the team has experience diagnosing and treating the condition, ensuring you are back to your daily life. Here is more information to know about dizziness.

Dizziness May Occur Due to Inner Ear Problem

The ear is known to provide body balance. If you start experiencing dizziness, your body may be out of balance, which means the inner ear has a problem due to vertigo. When the chemicals in the ears are tampered with, you may experience some brief spinning sensation. It acts as a simple mechanical problem that requires physical therapy to correct it. This can also be triggered by other conditions such as migraines, trauma, diabetes, and other infections.

Ear Balance System Controls Blood Flow

The inner ear system can control the blood flow and determine which side of the body is up and which is down. The inner ear structures that are the saccule and utricle detect gravity when you wake up from a lying position. They communicate with the cardiovascular system to direct blood flow to adapt to the position change. If there is poor communication from the parts of the inner year, you will experience dizziness. The inner ear organs must communicate accurately with the cardiovascular organ to ensure the correct flow of blood and body function.

Dizziness May Also Occur Due to Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Deficiency in the level of certain vitamins in your body may lead to various neurological disorders, including lack of body balance, low blood pressure, and decreased blood flow in your brain. Vitamin B12 is the major cause of these problems, especially dizziness. If you experience dizziness symptoms, work on the level of vitamins in your body and eat the recommended diet, such as dairy products, meat, and cereals, to boost your vitamins.

Dizziness May Be a Heart Disease Symptom

When you get up suddenly from your bed or seat, you may experience dizziness. On other occasions, a heart condition may have symptoms of dizziness. What causes dizziness when you have cardiovascular-related conditions are narrowed valves and artery problems that cause uneven blood flow to the brain. If you have dizziness, you will likely be diagnosed to check for any availability of heart conditions that may tamper with smooth blood flow to the brain.

Dizziness is sometimes normal, and people may ignore going for a check-up since they may not experience other serious symptoms. However, it is important to visit a doctor and get checked to prevent other severe conditions such as heart disease. Integrated Neurology Services has a remedy for you if you or your loved ones have a dizziness problem. The tea will diagnose and formulate a treatment plan for your condition. You can start by planning an online consultation or calling their office today.