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It is very important to be aware of the various causes and the types of hearing loss prior to an appointment. Some basic knowledge will help you understand the hearing problems you are dealing with. 

So here are the basic types of hearing loss you should be aware of: 

Conductive hearing loss: This type is usually labeled as temporary and treatable. In this case, the outer or middle ear is affected.  

Sensorineural hearing loss: This type is usually labeled as permanent. In this scenario, it is the inner ear that is affected. It is perceived untreatable through medical and surgical means.  

Mixed hearing loss: This type as the name suggests encompasses both the types. 

Causes of hearing loss 

There are a variety of causes of hearing loss but the explanation detailed below is threefold. Firstly due to environmental causes, secondly due to previous injury or thirdly it can be hereditary as well. If you find yourself to be a part of any of these causes, then it is very important for you to visit a hearing evaluation centre.   

Environmental cause:

The word environmental suggests that hearing loss, in this case, is due to outside causes. Loud noise above the permeable level is one of the main causes. Individuals working in such an environment need to get their auditory capacity checked on a frequent basis. It also included intrusion of outside particles inside the ear. Foreign bodies clogged in your ear can prevent the sound from reaching its destination. Similar is the case for wax. Excessive accumulation of wax is a common problem. 

Previous injury: 

Trauma or previous injury is one of the main causes of hearing loss. An individual who has been a part of an accident might have injured his ear as well. The bones in the ear are very fragile and thin as compared to the rest of the body. Such injuries will also lead to excessive hearing loss. 


The third cause of hearing loss after that of physical injuries is hereditary cases. Otosclerosis is a disease that appears as a hereditary cause. Though this cause is difficult to establish, it can be remedied with means of surgery or hearing aids. 

Selecting a good hearing evaluation centre is very important. The one you choose must be aware of all the diseases and health care procedures. Audiology Centre West will assist you in finding out if you have a hearing issue or even understanding your hearing problems.