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Patients suffering from chronic pain can go through Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation or rhizotomy, which is the latest pain control technique. This non-surgical procedure is used for interrupting pain signals to the brain through radiofrequency waves. It is an excellent technique offered by specialists in Texas clinics for treating symptoms due to an injury or deteriorating facet spinal joints. 

Which clinic offers the best rhizotomy procedure in Texas?

OmniSpine Pain Management Clinics located in Frisco and Mesquite, Texas offers the best and safest rhizotomy procedure to provide relief from any kind of chronic pain. They offer a wide range of treatment options and effective pain management therapy that is carried out by their specialists in a safe environment. Call or book an online appointment for the best Frisco radiofrequency ablation to receive long-term pain relief.

How does rhizotomy help in providing pain relief?

The rhizotomy process is an excellent procedure that helps to give you relief from any kind of chronic pain. It involves targeting the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain from the lower back. 

Once the nerves are targeted, they become numb and are not able to carry pain signals from the facet joints to the brain. The nerves grow back within years due to which the procedure may be repeated to manage the pain.

What happens in the procedure?

Radiofrequency nerve ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no hospital stay. During the procedure:

  • Light sedation is given that goes off once the procedure is over.
  • A thin needle is inserted into the facet joint to test the right location and targeted nerve.
  • The anesthetic then injects medication into the nerve to make it numb so that no discomfort is experienced during the procedure.
  • Once the anesthetic medicine numbs the area, a slight electric current is passed to activate the needle tip, and the nerve is targeted.

Post-procedure effect

You may feel either nothing or a mild warm sensation during the procedure. However, once it gets over, you might feel a bruise-like feeling for a few days. Relief from chronic pain with rhizotomy can be experienced within 5-7 days and complete relief within a month. Physical therapy after radiofrequency nerve ablation helps to achieve maximum benefits.

The effectiveness of this procedure may last from three to 12 months when you can enjoy a pain-free life. However, with time you might start experiencing joint pain again as the nerves may regenerate. Visit a pain management clinic in Frisco to repeat the procedure.