Friday, April 19, 2024
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Chronic pain makes concentrating at work and school difficult and may impact the ability to do chores. The pain leads to opioid dependency, a major problem for people suffering from chronic pain, as they need medications to manage their condition. Fortunately, you don’t need to take the opioids anymore as you let them see an interventional doctor like Dr. William L Yancey, who treats the pain at the source. Interventional pain management is safe for long-term chronic pain and can reduce the overreliance on opioids and other pain medications. These are the benefits of the interventional pain management approach.

Interventional Approach Treats Pain at Its Source

Interventional pain targets the source of the pain, thus curbing chronic pain. For instance, you may not take pills that affect the whole body leading to undesirable side effects. Instead, you can opt for options such as epidural injections, which stop the pain at the source. The target therapies help doctors know the source of the pain and help patients seek further treatments to deal with chronic pain completely.

The Intervention Prevents Drug Reliance

Most people who suffer from chronic pain Amy opt for opioid treatment to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, they develop drug resistance making it easy to increase the dosage to deal with the pain. Eventually, they might not function without opioids in the system in the long run. These patients will need therapy and detoxification to stop using opioids even if the pain has gone away.

Interventional Approach Offer Quick Pain Relief

Interventional treatments like epidural injections offered quick relief to pain. Once the doctor injects the medications on the site, you get relief after a few hours or days, making it easy to engage in daily activities soon after treatment. The injections may block pain receptors from reaching the brain, thus providing effective pain relief. Moreover, the effects of the treatments may be long-lasting as one may experience pain relief months after the injections. Unfortunately, your doctor may not opt for long-term reliance on epidural injections as it leads to the deterioration of tissues on the site. Instead, you should use it as a temporary pain management tool to seek further treatment options like surgeries and therapies.

They Are Minimally Invasive

Interventional treatments are performed with injections or needles and thus are outpatient treatments. They delay or prevent invasive and high-risk procedures such as joint replacement surgery. Thus interventional treatment is safe and has fewer side effects than invasive procedures and narcotic drugs. You might use the interventional treatment options for years to control chronic pain and incorporate other techniques such as physical therapy to improve muscle and joint health.

Chronic pain can lead to reliance on narcotic drugs like opioids, thus impacting your life negatively. On the other hand, invasive procedures like joint replacement surgeries have severe side effects and lead to long-term effects. Therefore, you should opt for interventional pain management, which is minimally invasive and treats the pain effectively. The interventional doctor will physically examine the area and offer injections like epidural blocks of the pain receptors. In the long run, interventional medicine leads to a pain-free life and has few side effects.