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It is a common misconception that there is only one available hemorrhoid treatment. There are, however, many options available to relieve your symptoms and help you maintain healthy, good looking blood vessels. The three main types of hemorrhoids treatment include surgical removal, natural treatments, and a combination of both.

Hemorrhoid Surgery Treatments

Hemorrhoid removal surgery is usually the most successful type of hemorrhoid treatment. Some of the medical procedures being used for hemorrhoid removal include hemorrhoidectomy, stapling, ballooning, laser coagulation, and stapling.

This popular procedure involves removing the hemorrhoid, stitching it shut and freezing it. While the hemorrhoid is being frozen, sutures are stitched at various points around the body to help keep the hemorrhoid in place.

Hemorrhoidectomy is similar to stapling. But instead of having it permanently attached to the anal area, the hemorrhoid is removed via an incision that is made in the abdominal wall and is stapled shut.

Ballooning, a form of hemorrhoid treatment, involves pulling the hemorrhoid away from the anus. The ballooning is performed by inserting a small tube with a balloon valve.

A second form of hemorrhoid treatment is stapling. Like the ballooning procedure, this technique can also be performed on the anal area, but it involves making a small incision and inserting a stapler.

A third type of hemorrhoid treatment uses the closure of large blood vessels. These methods involve not only tightening the anus, but can also be used to close skin areas on the outer, middle, and inner portions of the rectum. This can be done without having the hemorrhoid removed.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments

Each of these methods is effective at relieving symptoms and improving overall health. If you have tried more than one treatment, then it may be worth the effort to see if the results will improve. However, remember that you do not need to give up if no improvement occurs after one treatment.

If none of the traditional methods were working for you, you may want to look into other, more natural hemorrhoid treatment options. For example, you may want to use a natural approach to relieve pain caused by the condition such as hemorrhoid no more by Jessica Wright.

One alternative for natural hemorrhoid treatment is a grommet blockage. This works by surgically placing a special ring in the anus to hold the hemorrhoid in place.

Other natural approaches include using banana peel to help strengthen the blood vessels and strengthen the rectal muscles. This approach is also very useful for constipation due to a weakened stool caused by the hemorrhoid.


The bottom line is that hemorrhoid treatment is important to your overall health. There are many options available to help relieve the symptoms of this condition and using a natural approach to your treatment can provide many other benefits as well.