Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that is used to remove unwanted fat, and skin from the breasts. In some cases, this type of surgery is done to ease uncomfortable feelings in the breast or seek a breast size that provides an improvement in a woman’s body. Also, this surgery may enhance a woman’s self-image and add to her self-confidence.

Keep in mind; if you are considering breast reduction surgery, consult first with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Reasons, why some choose this surgery option, is because of a chronic rash under the breasts, nerve pain, restricted activity, poor self-image, and finding it difficult to fit into bras and clothing. However, this surgery may not be needed if you smoke, suffer from diabetes, heart problems, or are obese.

Breast reduction surgery is safe; however, because it is surgery, some things can occur, such as not getting the exact cup size and scarring after the procedure. Also, there may be temporary or permanent changes to your nipple sensation, and you may have difficulty with breastfeeding. Risks to this surgery may include bruising, scarring, and loss of feeling in the nipples and skin around the nipples.

Tips for choosing a breast reduction surgeon are choosing one who will meet your needs, such as experience, training, certification, training, and, most important, patient testimonials. It is essential to choose one who is board-certified.

Experience and training are also significant. Check to see if the surgeon has a proven track record of success. Talk with him or her about his experience, and as you talk, make sure that you are comfortable with how long he has been in practice. Inquire also about where the surgeon attended medical school.

Other considerations are patient testimonials and open communication. Talking openly about your procedure is essential. Your surgeon should also meet with you before surgery to discuss your expectations and goals. Doing this will enable you to learn more about the benefits of breast reduction, risks, costs, and possible health complications.

Before surgery and during the consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your medical history and overall health, discuss your expectations, provide a description of the procedure, and examine and measure your breasts. The surgeon will also take photographs of your breasts for your medical record and explain the anesthesia.

As a patient before surgery, you may be asked to complete several lab tests, get a mammogram, stop smoking before and after surgery, and avoid taking certain drugs like aspirin.

Benefits of this surgery are the ability to participate in sports and other activities, more comfortable shopping and better deals, reduced stretch marks, and an enhanced appearance as you grow older, better sleep, more confidence, and an improvement in posture.

To conclude, reduction surgery is a procedure that is used to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon and find out if this surgery would benefit you. With the benefits involved with this surgery, it makes sense to check it out for yourself.