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Eye care aims to help you see more clearly, and your choice of correcting your vision may include specialty contact lenses. Swati Kumar OD, FAAO has an expert team of specialists that provide extensive eye care services for people of all ages. They have cutting-edge technology to provide the best solution in a welcoming environment. They focus on medical lenses to address disorders like corneal degeneration and other eye diseases.

What should you know about Specialty Contact Lenses?

First, these lenses are unique to help treat your eye condition and improve your vision. Specialty contact lenses are available for all ages and take different forms. They reduce dryness symptoms, irregular corneas, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and pain symptoms, aiding your vision.

When do you need Specialty Contact Lenses?

Specialty contact lenses may be appropriate for you if traditional lenses do not offer you the required comfort you may need. They correct your vision but are different in that they are specific for eye irregularities and conditions and transplanting the cornea. Your eye care specialist carries out tests and evaluations to come up with the right solution to address your unique eyes.

What are the Available Specialty Contact Lenses?

Your doctor will recommend specialty contact lenses depending on the health, shape, and lifestyle you give your eye. Therefore, your doctor may need comprehensive eye tests to identify conditions and treat diseases. The different specialty contact lenses will include the following.

Hybrid Lenses

These lenses offer the comfort of a sharper and much clear vision. It combines a silicone hydrogel lens for comfort and the specific aspect of an RGP lens. They are rigid and have a porous gas zone with silicone hydrogel material.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

They are common among specialty contact lenses. They allow oxygen gas to pass through because of their porosity and fit closer to the eye than the scleral lens. Rigid gas permeable lenses offer acute visions, especially for people with astigmatism. Your doctor can recommend these lenses if you have severe vision issues.

Scleral Lenses

These lenses are known to cover the front eye surface wholly, including the sclera and cornea. They are more stable, and your doctor will recommend them for irregularly-shaped cornea and dry eye syndrome.

How do you Care for Specialty Contact Lenses?

Specialty contact lenses need care just like traditional lenses. Therefore you should practice healthy tips to keep your eyes healthy and lenses effective. The first important step should be washing your hands with water and stopping before you touch contact lenses. Use only the recommended contact solution to rinse and store them. Do not swim and sleep with your contact lenses on. Lastly, maintain regular eye exams to ensure your contact lenses stay effective.

Contact lenses are available at Alamo Eye Care if you want a personalized lens to tailor to your needs. Visit the facility for Vision correction to help you see better and more clearly, especially if eyeglasses are not giving you a solution. Schedule your eye exams today and get the best eye care solution that suits your comfort and gives you sharp vision.