Friday, April 19, 2024
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What is the difference between normal honey and organic honey? Normal honey can be store-bought or purchased in bulk. It contains preservatives, fructose, and corn syrup. Organic honey is raw and unpasteurized. It has moisturizing properties, antioxidants and is high in natural sugars such as glucose. Normal Honey or regular honey is processed while Organic honey is unprocessed.

If you are searching for honey online, you might have come across the two words – normal and organic. While choosing between the two, it’s important for you to first understand what these words mean. Normal honey is deemed safe for consumption when tested under the prescribed parameters by food regulatory authorities around the world, including FSSAI in India. Organic honey on the other hand is produced using a set of specific processes that undergo Certifications to guarantee adherence to strict quality standards.

Saffola always tries to create products that deliver healthy options just the way nature intended. That’s why we turn to nature while creating our organic honey. Saffola organic honey is unfiltered, unprocessed and of course 100% pure. Organic honey comes from apiaries that use organic practices. Specially certified, they ensure that the hives are kept in a natural environment, with no chemicals used to process either the honey or the beeswax.

Saffola Honey is filtered, pasteurized, and void of any contaminants. Hence, Saffola Honey is completely safe for consumption by people of all age groups. It can be used as a natural sweetener in tea, milk, curd, shakes, and many more dishes.

Organic or Normal? Which honey is better for your health? Normal honey and organic honey differ in their farming methods. Organic Honey is produced by feeding bees Organic nectar while Normal honey is produced when bees suck the nectar from normal flowers and get exposed to environmental hazards like pesticides. While there are a lot of differences, what finally matters is that at the end of the day, both kinds of honey have their own set of benefits to offer.

Organic honey is made by honey bees that have fed on nectar from flowering plants that are natural and have not been treated with chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers. Apart from this organic honey has some international quality parameters that non-organic honey does not. Saffola Honey is ISI-15489 certified and FSSAI approved. Packed in a HACCP-certified system to guarantee purity, Saffola Honey ensures that only the best quality organic honey reaches your doorsteps.

Saffola Honey is 100% Pure, Unadulterated, Multiflora honey that promises 100% purity of floral nectars, 100% health, and 100% taste. So go ahead, pick a pack of Saffola Honey and make it part of your daily life.