Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Age spots are caused by the excessive production of melanin or skin pigments in your body. Your skin can develop age spots due to aging or exposure to the sun. Although age spots are harmless, they lower your self-confidence. Fortunately, there are ways to regain your youthful appearance. If you are looking for a painless Fort Worth age spots removal, look no further. Skin Deep Laser MD, are leading in the use of advanced non-invasive technology in laser treatments to remove age spots from your skin. Read on to learn more about age spots.

How age spots removal works

You have numerous reasons to do away with age spots. Maybe people close to you have started thinking that you are past your prime, or your gorgeous everyday look is fading, making you feel uncomfortable. Not considering all the reasons, the PicoFOCUS laser has your solution.

The laser is one of the best-advanced treatments for age spots removal. Luckily, the laser can be applied to people with all skin types and remove wrinkles and acne scars.

The PicoFOCUS laser targets the extra-produced melanin under your skin by smashing them into small pieces your body can get rid of naturally.

Although many lasers are used in age spots removal, the advanced PicoFOCUS laser has long-lasting results, thus making our services unique and more efficient.

The IconMaxGlaser is another advanced age spot removal technology at hand. It penetrates the outer layer of your skin, targeting melanin and hemoglobin, the compounds that cause skin discoloration. The laser breaks down the compounds, eliminating them from your skin and revitalizing your gorgeous look!

Why is our laser treatment your best option to eliminate age spots?

At Skin Deep Laser MD, our upgraded laser technology targets any spots under your skin and is more effective than other lasers. Our lasers are top-rated for many reasons, including:

  • Less pain during the process
  • Applicable to all skin types
  • Comfortable sessions
  • Few aftereffects
  • Youthful appearance in a few sessions

Benefits of age spots laser removal

  1. Quick Process

The improved laser technology clears the age spots from your skin in a few sessions. Dr. Laura Riehm and the team will analyze how deep your spots are and advise you on the sessions to book to complete your entire treatment process.

  1. Permanent Results

As compared to other laser treatments, our upgraded lasers have long-lasting results. The PicoFOCUS laser completely destroys the extra-produced melanin and hemoglobin, leaving your skin smooth for a long time.

If you have wrinkles and acne scars, worry no more, for our lasers will smoothen your skin.

  1. Fair Pricing

The cost for age spot laser removal can be a little high initially but provided this is a long-term solution, be committed and focus on regaining your gorgeous look.

Nevertheless, even after treatment, age spots can return. Exposure to the sun for longer hours can cause age spots to reappear. Protect your skin from the sun.

If you want to reclaim your original dazzling look, it’s time to consider our age spot laser removal solutions! Book an appointment with them and live to share the testimony.