Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Diabetes is among the chronic health conditions prevalent in recent days. Notably, this condition occurs when your body does not produce adequate insulin. Consequently, you will have unhealthy glucose levels in the bloodstream, which triggers other health complications such as nerve damage. With the nerve problems, you will have reduced sensation, especially in your legs, exposing you to foot problems such as weakness and tingling. Additionally, the loss of sensation in your lower body parts can make you injure your feet without noticing, which triggers chronic wounds. Fortunately, the following Bakersfield diabetic foot care tips can help you maintain the wellness of your feet.

Engage in Physical Activities

Regular exercises have many health benefits, especially among diabetic individuals. Notably, physical activities boost blood circulation in the lower body parts, thus minimizing the chances of tingling due to poor circulation. Therefore, it would be best if you established a disciplined exercise plan incorporating different activities like walking and jogging.

Observe Hygiene for Your Feet

It may sound obvious to keep your feet clean, but this measure can make a difference. Use clean water and mild soap to wash your feet daily to reduce the chances of fungal infections. Avoid hot water since it can cause soreness on your feet, especially if you have nerve damage. Use a soft towel to dry your feet and smear the moderate moisturizer on your skin.

Trim Your Nails

Long nails can act as the breeding places for the fungal and bacterial infections which exacerbate foot problems. Additionally, thick nails can put a strain on the skin, causing open sores, which serve as the entry of infections. Fortunately, you can minimize those risks by trimming your nails often. Avoid cutting your nails too short since you can expose the nail bed to infections. After trimming your nails, you should file the rough surface to enhance evenness as the nail regrows.

Quit Smoking

You may never understand the harm you are causing your feet when you smoke until you start experiencing pain, especially when climbing stairs. When you smoke, the cigarette chemicals constrict the blood vessels, thus reducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the lower extremities. Consequently, your feet become more vulnerable to infections that take more time to heal. If you smoke, you should kick off this habit before it is too late.

Wear the Correct Footwear

Individuals with diabetes should avoid walking barefoot to minimize the chances of injuries from rocks. When purchasing shoes, you should focus on the comfort of your feet rather than the fashion to avoid tight-fitting footwear that would compromise your feet’ health. If you participate in sporting activities, ask your coach about fitting shoes that effectively support your feet.

Individuals who have diabetes are more susceptible to foot problems. Notably, high blood sugar damages the nerves and blood vessels along the legs, thus lowering sensation in these organs. The reduced sensation exposes the victims to injuries that may occur without them noticing. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you should observe extra care to keep your feet healthy. For example, you should keep your feet clean to prevent infections. Investing in the proper footwear will also help you prevent foot injuries.