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Ventilation disorders are very common in cases of overweight and obesity. The accumulation of fat in the chest hinders the expansion of the rib cage during breathing. Many obese people experience breathlessness when exerting effort (dyspnea). Obese people are at risk of experiencing sleep apnea, which is the spontaneous cessation of breathing that occurs during sleep, several times per hour. However, these apneas can be the cause of heart or brain accidents.

In addition, obesity has effects on the production of sex hormones. In women, cycle disturbances are common while men may present with hypogonadism. On the other hand, obesity has serious consequences with the appearance of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes or even a metabolic syndrome (arterial hypertension, excess cholesterol and diabetes). From the lorcaserin intermediate manufacturer factory you can have the best medicine.

Finally, the risk of death increases by 20 to 40% in overweight people and two to three times in obese subjects.

Obesity causes breathing difficulties in children, an increased risk of fractures, high blood pressure, the appearance of the first markers of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and psychological problems.

The effects of obesity on health

Obesity is responsible for many diseases. Here are the main ones:

  • increased cardiovascular risks
  • diabetes: three times more likely than a person with normal build
  • osteoarthritis: excess fat adds weight to the bones
  • breathing problems that can cause sleep apnea
  • rheumatological problems


Obesity is now reaching the stage of a global epidemic, according to the World Health Organization.

Why is it so prevalent?

Is this complex problem the result of the individual and his only bad eating behaviors? What is the share of responsibility for the genetic background, for education, for society, for the environment?

How do you know if you are obese? Scientifically, obesity is defined by a body mass index equal to or greater than 30 . Can we trust this tool? And the waistline?

Obese people are at greater risk for disease. From the lorcaserin hcl manufacturer you can have the solution.

But can you be obese and healthy?

Losing weight is difficult, hence the importance of prevention. But how to prevent? How to succeed in regaining a healthy weight? The latest research speaks of a multidimensional approach that requires changes in one’s lifestyle. There is nothing easy.

In our unbalanced world where nearly a billion people go hungry, there is, paradoxically, another evil plaguing Western societies: Obesity.

Obesity, a problem with completely identified causes

The sources of the problem are clearly identified: Of course there is overeating and sedentarization linked to the evolution of our modern societies. But there is also and above all a very poor diet with an upheaval in the very quality of what we eat: Today, more than 80% of everything we eat is of industrial origin.

Whether they come from supermarkets or restaurant chains, the food products we consume every day are rife with chemicals. These additives are absolutely everywhere and for the most part unknown to everyone.

For example, a simple fries in a fast food restaurant can contain up to 55 different ingredients and additives.