Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Anti-drug activists have always stood against the usage of drugs. But should it stop you from going for weed? Not really. 

Marijuana is considered to be bad for health. But is it? If herb is used for personal matters, it can bear significant health benefits. 

Some of the prominent benefits of smoking weed include the following

  • You are less likely to be obese

Even if you are not into smoking pot, you should give it a try. This is usually because smoking pot helps you become thin. You are less likely to become obese if you are into smoking weed. It is for this reason that weed smokers are thinner than non-smokers. Also, it plays an important role in keeping diabetes at bay. 

  • It boosts lung function

Smoking may be bad for your health, but smoking weed isn’t that bad for your overall health. Research has shown that marijuana smoking is helpful as compared to cigarette smoking. 

Cigarettes tend to cause more harm to your overall body. Moreover, weed can help the body to become more efficient. 

  • Increases creativity

When you’re high, you tend to become more creative. One of the researches of 2012 has said that marijuana has contributed towards increasing the creativity in people, especially in improving the language capacity. 

Smoking pot can help to boost schizotypy and divergent thinking capacity. Sober people tend to have less creativity. Moreover, it also helps to boost verbal fluency thereby boosting high capacity level. 

  • Improves athletic performance

Not only does marijuana help to improve athletic performance but it also contributes towards increasing recovery rate. People smoking pot tend to perform better on the treadmill and also helped in improving the squat session. The anti-inflammatory characteristic of drugs is one of the major characteristics of medical marijuana which needs to be taken into consideration. 

  • Kills cancer

Although there is no proper evidence in curing cancer yet, marijuana does help to shrink the size of cancerous cells. Also, some advice from the official government page of the US shows that cannabis can be helpful for killing cancer cells as shown in the laboratory research. 

However, one should refrain from using cannabis extracts as it may not really help in cancer-therapy. Moreover, it is far more safer than alcohol. 

Marijuana has been found to be safer than different components such as tobacco, crystal meth, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, alcohol and ecstasy. 

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