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Your lifestyle habit is crucial in defining your body’s overall wellness. For example, if you live an inactive life, you are more likely to develop health complications such as poor blood circulation in your body. Improper circulation of blood in the body usually triggers the tender and enlarged veins in your legs, a condition called Covington varicose veins. This condition is devastating since it is painful and can undermine the skin texture around your ankles. Therefore, you should heed the following tips that can help reduce the likelihood of developing the varicose vein.

Invest in the compression hosiery

With the malfunctioning valves, you are more likely to have a pool of blood in the lower parts of the body, which eventually causes the protruding veins. However, the compression stocking and socks can help keep the valves within the veins in the proper position, thus avoiding the backflow of blood to the legs. Seek advice from your health provider on the compression socks that suit you since their compression option varies from mild to extra firm.

Maintain a healthy weight

Individuals with excessive weight are at high risk of developing varicose veins. Notably, the excess fat in the upper part of your body usually puts more strain on your leg, thus increasing the bulging of the veins. Therefore, you should work toward reducing the extra pound in your body to avoid the varicose vein. Reducing excess weight is also ideal for minimizing the risks of stroke and heart disease.

Interrupt the long sitting sessions

Some occupations necessitate the staff to sit for long, thus exposing the workers to the varicose vein. For example, the office workers usually sit for too long, thus limiting blood flow from their legs back to the heart, increasing the leg veins’ inflammation. Therefore, if your occupation requires you to remain in sedentary positions for too long, you should always take a break by standing or stretching.

Be mindful of your sleeping position

How you position yourself while sleeping defines blood circulation in your body. It would be best if you slept on your left side, especially when pregnant, to suppress the symptoms arising from the varicose vein. This position also minimizes the pressure exerted by the expanding uterus on the veins around the pelvic area.

Wardrobe advancements

Once you observe the symptoms of the varicose, it is high time to change your wardrobe. Replace the extremely tight clothes with loose clothes that boost blood circulation in all body parts. It would help if you also opted for good-fitting flat shoes to minimize strain on your leg, especially when walking on uneven ground.

Do you have restless legs with tenderness in the veins? If your answer is yes, you could have the varicose vein. This condition is unappealing, interfering with the quality of your life. You do not have to go along with these embarrassments and pain any long since Louisiana Heart and Vascular has the best remedy for you. Farhad Aduli, MD, FACC, and the team of experienced professionals offer various minimally invasive procedures to treat varicose veins. Schedule an appointment and visit the facility to live a quality life again.