Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Men are not the most open beings, more so on sexual health topics. Many struggle with concerns like erectile dysfunction in silence, which affects their mental wellness, confidence, relationships, and other areas of life. Atlas Men’s Clinic helps men lead a sexually healthier life, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of erectile dysfunction. Approaches like shockwave therapy can revitalize your sexual health, and besides the treatments, the experts can equip you with vital information to help improve your overall wellness. Here are some of the top measures men can implement to improve and maintain better sexual health.

Lifestyle changes

Your lifestyle can increase or mitigate the chances of developing various sexual health problems. Men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are smokers, heavy drinkers, and don’t observe their diet are at high risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). Such individuals are likely to carry excess weight and, with the damaging impacts of tobacco and alcohol use, develop cardiovascular-related problems. This affects circulation, meaning the reproductive organs are not well replenished to stay in top shape for years. Lifestyle changes can help turn the situation around, which does more good beyond improving sexual health.


Sexual health is intertwined with your mental wellness. Psychological concerns are often behind temporary ED. They can also aggravate the situation, meaning a minor hiccup can develop into a significant sexual health problem. Concerns like stress and anxiety from trauma and financial or relationship struggles could lead to ED. While men are not the most willing when counseling is mentioned, talking to a professional can help lower the emotional load and improve sexual and overall health. Psychological issues hold a significant weight over your physical wellness, exposing you to more than sexual health troubles, emphasizing the need to invest more in its improvement.

Manage existing conditions

Medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, and heart disease can result in many complications. Such complications include impacted blood supply and neurological issues, which can significantly impact men’s sexual health. Managing chronic conditions and treating any underlying medical concern improves your sexual health. It is also worth noting that you could experience ED when taking certain medications. Talk to your doctor if you feel the medicine is behind your deteriorating sexual health for an alternative prescription where possible. The healthier you are, the better your sexual health since every organ is well replenished to keep it functioning normally.


Sexual health may have taken a significant blow that is irreversible. As you age, various changes, including hormonal, impact your body’s abilities. You no longer have tight skin as you did as a teenager, and you can expect the same impact across your body. This does not mean you should give up on sexual encounters. Your doctor can recommend certain medications like prescription Viagra to keep you going. Besides aging, sexual health can be affected by severe medical conditions or trauma. Medication can help improve the situation and allow you to remain sexually active.

Sexual health deserves more attention. This is more so since sex is a pivotal part of life, not just the intimacy it fosters in relationships but also considering the health benefits of the feel-good sensation after pleasurable sexual activity. Contact Atlas Men’s Clinic today for all your sexual health-related needs.