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Halloween may be the favorite of the year for your kids, but it surely is not for you. Most parents struggle with their kids’ cavities and toothache some weeks after Halloween. Children go to various houses for trick-and-treating and gather a bunch of candies, chocolate bars, and cookies. While these are delicious, they mean death for your kids’ teeth. 

It is possible for parents to minimize the damage by taking some provocative steps. Life is all about balance between healthy food and fun food. Read this blog to find out some tricks for Halloween. Meanwhile, if your child is suffering from a toothache, visit a Bristol, Connecticut dentist today. 

Tricks to deal with Halloween candy 

  • Be selective. 

Treat your kids with candies that cause the least damage to their teeth. Chocolates are a great option. They are easily swallowed and do not stick much to the teeth. Avoid caramels and hard or chewy candies. You should be aware that even healthy snacks like crackers can cause tooth decay. Therefore, it is better to avoid them. 

  • Limit your visits. 

By avoiding the number of houses you visit, the number of sweet candies will also lessen. Instead of visiting every neighbor, spend more time with your kids at home. Plan a family fun activity. Watching Halloween movies, reading horror books with a flashlight, and converting your room into a horror house ars some of the fun activities you can try out with your kids. 

  • Educate your child on eating every food in moderation. 

There is a common misconception that only sweet candies are responsible for tooth decay and damage. This is not always true. Fruits and nuts, which are healthier alternatives for sweet candies, can also promote tooth decay if taken in excessive amounts. Children should eat all foods in moderation. 

  • Limit the size of the pumpkin. 

Give your child a smaller-sized pumpkin. The small-sized pumpkin will fill up faster when your kids go door to door to collect Halloween candies. It will also make your kid feel they have taken a huge haul. 

  • Make a list of the top five candies. 

Before you leave for trick or treating, ask your child to make a list of their top five favorite candies. Ask them to keep the candies that are on the list and get rid of everything else. 

  • Use fluoride to fight cavities. 

Fluoride is scientifically proven to reduce the damage caused by tooth decay. Drink fluoride water and brush your kid’s teeth with fluoride-based toothpaste to protect their teeth from decay.