Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Water Is the Main Element in the Earth’s Hydrosphere and in the Human Body

It’s easy to forget the human body’s main element is the transparent, inorganic, odorless, tasteless, and almost colorless chemical substance we call water. In its liquid state, we call this chemical substance water, but we also call it ice, fog, steam, and rain depending on the temperature and other climate conditions.

The amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75% depending on age, gender, and the amount of energy we burn during the day. The average adult male body contains 60% water, and the average adult female body contains 55% water. Those with weight issues typically have proportionally less water due to fatty tissue buildup.

Most of the Water in the Body Is Intracellular Fluid

Most of the water in the human body is intracellular fluid. When the cells get thirsty, the body reacts because water acts like an insulator that regulates the body’s internal temperature. Water lubricates the joints, and it flushes nasty toxins and waste out of the body. Water also carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Plus, it acts as an internal shock absorber for the brain, organs, and spinal cord. It can also dissolve soluble vitamins, minerals, and certain nutrients.

Men and women start to get thirsty when they lose 2-3% of the water in their bodies, which also begins to impair physical and mental performance. Scientists call that amount of water loss dehydration.

Dehydration Can Wreak Havoc on the Body

Most people don’t realize their body suffers from dehydration even though their mouth seems dry, and they crave water. But when the headache starts, and muscle fatigue and constipation set in, they realize dehydration has taken hold. That means it’s time to follow the advice of a sound nutrition plan to avoid cellular damage.

Herbalife Nutrition Information Keeps the Body Hydrated

The Herbalife Nutrition plan gives people the information they need to avoid dehydration during and after cardio and other physical exercises. Herbalife has been around for 40 years, so the company has a long history of providing health tips and healthy products. Herbalife focuses on supplying information and products to people who want to keep their bodies healthy and hydrated.

Herbalife’s hydration plan starts with a big glass of water before the morning cup of tea or coffee. People who work at a desk should keep a pitcher of water handy so that drinking eight eight-ounce glasses a water a day doesn’t seem like a chore.

People who are more active during the day should make sure water is not far away no matter where they are. The Herbalife Nutrition plan also recommends setting the timer on a smartphone for water breaks during the day to avoid the symptoms of dehydration.

Other great Herbalife hydration tips include adding lemon or lime to an eight-ounce glass of water. Drinking sparkling water or unsweetened ice tea, as well as a sports drink, are also part of a solid hydration plan.

To keep the body functioning like the fine-tuned machine it is, it’s important to support the body cells with the intracellular fluid we call water in ways that complement active daily routines. Herbalife is always on deck to help make that happen.