Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Top 10 Best Selling Naked Vape Juice Flavors 2020 | We Vape Mods

When it comes to smoking, most people prefer e-cigarettes or vapes. Well, why not? After all, these are so great. It is very valid for people to like it. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes have a lot of flavors that contribute to rising popularity. Moreover, vapes aren’t harmful as well.

There’s no end to vaping flavors. If you are looking for one, you need to know that you can easily find it. Since there are so many flavors available in the market, it will become extremely confusing for you to choose it. Some of the prominent flavors to try for vape include the following.

USA blend

If you are looking forward to a clean and musky flavor, then the USA blend is surely one of the best choices to make. This type of flavor is the best suitable if you have a cowboy like personality. One of the main reasons why people prefer this flavor is because this doesn’t have any fruity taste. Once you smoke it, it is sure that you are to enjoy this flavor.

Gummy Bear

If you are looking forward to a juicy and extraordinary flavor without any hangover or calories, then this is just the choice to make. As the name suggests, gummy bear to has the taste the same as that of gummy bear candies. Gummy bear flavors are easily available in the market and are pretty affordable. People who have smoking issues can start off with gummy bears since it is a very light flavor.

Banana nut bread

Ever tried banana bread? Well, honestly, that’s how to some extent this flavor in your vape will feel like. Many people have often claimed this to be the best flavor. Well, if you are someone who doesn’t like smoking hard flavors, then this is the best.

Cotton Candy

Surprisingly, a flavor like cotton candy in the market is available. Cotton candy vaping flavor is for light smokers. If you don’t want to get into the harsh flavors, you can surely try cotton candy. It is one of the best and has raspberry as the best ingredient. This may be a little expensive, but it is totally worth the amount.


If you love watermelon, then this may be one of the best e-liquids to try. Well, one of the essential things to note about this is that the e-liquid may not necessarily taste like watermelon. But the refreshing flavor is sure to catch your attention.

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