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If there is a beauty trend that has been with us through the years, it is the desire for a V-shaped face! What began initially as a face shape dreamed by Korean idols has become the portrayal of beauty for almost all Asian women.

While getting surgery is a way to sculpt your face, the non-surgical V shape face slimming option is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is down to no complications or the most recent technology that delivers excellent results, the popularity of non-surgical v-shape facial procedures in Singapore has been rising.

Why Does Everyone Want A V-Shaped Face?

Some say K-pop was responsible for causing V-shaped faces to be the most desired facial shape. As the name indicates, the V shape is an elongated and slim face, making a sharp chin like the letter V looks like.

This shape is viewed as attractive in Asia and the Western countries as a smaller chin signifies youth and highlights other features of the face. Moreover, as we get old, the fat under the skin changes due to loss in laxity.

That results in what’s usually known as the inverted triangle of youth, where your face is broader due to a saggy jawline. However, a V-shaped face is viewed as more youthful and slimmer11 – , thus portraying femininity.

Non-Surgical V-Shape Face Treatments

You might have already known BTX is utilized for shaping the face, and it’s just among the many other alternatives regarding non-surgical facial shaping. Due to medical advances, it’s very easy to change a person’s chin, and you can achieve a V-shaped face in numerous ways.

Fillers could complement botulinum toxin injections for a huge change in one’s chin. BTX injections would help relax the masseter muscles, lessening bulk in the cheeks and providing a defined jawline. Fillers could complement this by injecting it into the chin to form the tip of the V-face to improve the chin’s appearance.

Another well-known option is using Ultherapy, an FDA-approved, non-invasive, ultrasound-based lifting treatment working deep beneath the skin’s surface and getting long-lasting, dramatic facial firmness, skin lifting, contouring, and tightening. This procedure contracts loose and saggy skin and promotes new collagen growth in the supportive, deep skin layers.

Sagging skin within your jawline could be lifted and tightened, creating a terrific V-shaped face.  Ultherapy is a wonderful alternative for removing years off the face in addition to molding your face to the ideal V-shape. It’s the non-surgical facelift you’ve always wanted!

Why Do People Choose Non-invasive Treatments?

Involves Fewer Risks

Non-Invasive V shape face slimming treatments are a fantastic approach to enhancing the appearance of your face. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution. The V Shape Face Procedure is a non-surgical procedure that aims to treat facial asymmetry and restore facial symmetry. It’s danger-free and can be completed quickly, efficiently, and economically without the need for downtime or recovery.

Takes a Short time to Do the Procedure

Anyone who wishes to employ non-invasive techniques might choose the V shape face treatment. The operation takes only a few minutes and is also quite inexpensive. One of the most appealing aspects of non-invasive V shape face therapy is the appearance of natural rejuvenation.

Needs Minimal Aftercare

The advantage of non-invasive V shape face procedure is that it requires less aftercare. They do not need to be concerned about the reactions, and they will be able to return to their normal routines shortly. One of the key advantages of the V Shape face procedure is that it is painless for your skin.

Where Can I Get A V-Shaped Face Without Surgery?

Singapore is home to some of the top aestheticians and doctors in the world, as well as industry leaders in cosmetic technologies and trends. Many visitors visit Singapore just for cosmetic treatments, as the quality of care is significantly greater than that of most of its equivalents, whether in the West or Asia.