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Fruit enzymes are natural exfoliators for the skin. They offer gentle exfoliation and gives skin a natural glow. Enzymes work on the skin to provide a radiant and smooth complexion. These enzymes are mild so people with sensitive skin can also use them. Here’s what enzymes can do for your skin:

  1. Brighten dull skin
  2. Gently exfoliate
  3. Soothe inflammation

You can either use the fruits enzymes directly or buy creams and supplements that contain these enzymes. Read more on where you can buy skin supplements with enzymes that work better for your skin. Here are a few enzymes that are good for skin care.

  • Papaya

Papaya enzymes remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. If you have a wound on the skin, papaya helps heal the wounds and reduce inflammation and redness. 

  • Pineapple

An enzyme found in pineapple is called Bromelin which is particularly helpful in healing acne, wounds and bruising. These enzymes are also helpful in brightening the skin. 

  • Banana

Banana peels have enzymes that draw toxins from the skin and make it easier to exfoliate. The dead skin layer peels off giving way to a new healthy skin. 

  • Passionfruit

Passionfruit enzyme gives an instant boost of antioxidants to the skin and contains compounds that protct the skin from free radicals and UV damage.

  • Guava

The range of antioxidants and vitamins in guava work wonders for the skin. Its antioxidants protect the skin from ageing signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles. 

  • Pumpkin

Pumpkin has alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that speed up cell regeneration. This means you get new skin cells giving you radiant skin. 

Enzymes can be combined with:

  • Different enzymes 
  • Acids 
  • Retinol 

When to use skincare products with enzymes?

You can use enzymes 2-3 times a day as they work to give you new skin cells. So, there is no harm in using skin products with fruit enzymes multiple times a day. 

Are enzymes safe for sensitive skin?

Enzymes take off the dead skin cells and give off a new layer of skin so it is a good ingredient for acne prone skin. Enzymes are an amazing exfoliant for sensitive skin as they do not disturb the pH level and healthy skin cells. There is no inflammation or redness after using fruit enzymes on skin so there is no harm in using skin products with fruit enzymes on sensitive skin.