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If you are like some women, you probably skip your yearly mammogram. There are many reasons women do so, but most of them are worried about the radiation associated with this screening procedure. However, an annual mammogram with a reputable mammography screening clinic in Boise is important for women who are at least 40 years old. This allows for the early detection of breast cancer, which results in less aggressive treatment. Also, early cancer treatment leads to a higher survival rate. To help you understand more about mammograms, here are some misconceptions about this procedure:

You Only Need a Yearly Mammogram if You Have a Family History or Symptoms of Breast Cancer

According to experts, yearly mammograms for women who are more than 40 years old, no matter their family history and symptoms, are important. Getting a mammogram only until you experience cancer symptoms like a discharge or lump may be too late. At this point, the cancer may have already advanced. 

A Mammogram Puts You at Risk of Radiation-Related Issues

Although a mammogram uses radiation, it’s a small amount and within the medical guidelines. Mammograms are highly regulated procedures. As long as you get this procedure done at a facility that has gotten certifications from the regulating agencies, it should be safe. Every day, we are constantly exposed to a small amount of background radiation.  Generally, the dose of radiation from a mammogram is equivalent to around 2 months of background radiation. 

Traditional Mammograms and 3-Mammograms are the Same

3D mammograms are the most modern tool to screen and diagnose breast cancer early. They display more breast images and in thin portion of breast tissue. They offer greater clarity and let doctors determine how overlapping tissue is different from cancer. 

A Mammogram Will Surely Find Any Kind of Breast Tissue Cancer

A yearly mammogram is essential for women; however, limitations exist. This is because of dense breast tissue. if the breast is dense, the tissue may hide a cancer. Normal breast tissue can hide or mimic a cancer. Aside from yearly mammograms, a breast MRI and a breast ultrasound can be utilized for women who have dense breast tissue.

You Don’t Need a Mammogram if Last Year’s Screening Was Normal

A mammogram is performed to detect breast cancer, not prevent it. While it is great news to have a normal mammogram, it doesn’t ensure future mammograms are normal. Getting a mammogram annually increases the odds of detecting breast cancer while it’s small and easily treated, improving survival. 

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