Thursday, January 20, 2022
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You will find many different views on the practice of cardio during a dry session, whether on the internet or around you. Therefore, it is challenging to pin down the true from the false among all these assertions, and I will not be surprised that you take this article for yet another baseless opinion.

I do not pretend to tell you that I master the subject at all levels or that I have the truth. Still, when I write an article, I often tell you about experiences and principles that I have myself applied to achieve precise results or on the contrary to failures.

So as usual, I especially want to give you the right ingredients so that you can make your choice as naturally as possible.

Running How Long To Lose Weight?

I had already said in my previous article “Jogging for dummies” that the ideal time to use the reserves when running is around 40-45 minutes.

In the details, the real runners will tell you that everything is played especially at the level of the heart rate, which must be at 70% of its maximum capacity to lose weight. Still, I could realize it by merely applying the 45-minute principle that calories burning increase faster when I pass the 40-minute mark. However, I generally run at 8.5 9 km/h on average, which is not an excessive pace.

I, therefore, advise those who want to embark on a drying operation with cardio to go on this basis to evacuate between 500 and 600 calories per exercise at Norwell Buiten Fitness, which is already very good, especially if you are not a fan of running in general. I’m talking about a 100% cardio session.

How Often Do You Run During The Week?

There is not a perfect frequency to run. However, you run five times a week, you will burn more calories than running only once a week, but it will not necessarily be suitable for your bodybuilding work, and you will most certainly burn muscle at this rate.

You will also find many points of view there, between those who think that cardio and weight training should not be mixed in the same session or those who believe that cardio can or must be essential in more than one weight training session to accentuate the dryness. I am personally from the other opinion, I think that the two are not incompatible during the same session and in my opinion, the cardio work will only fruit my special weight training session before or after drying.

The principle of bodybuilding exercises to draw muscle is above all to vary the different muscle exercises with medium or light loads while doing long series and reducing rest times to the maximum. Once your session is finished, for example, I don’t see why a final acceleration of the heart and respiratory rate while running could not be useful.

So obviously do not run 1 hour, but rather 20-30 minutes at medium speed, it will be enough. I advise you not to reduce the bodybuilding part compared to cardio but to add a cardio part to your bodybuilding work. The sessions will necessarily be a little longer in the dry period.

Is Cardio Compulsory To Be Dry?

No. You can very well maintain a dryer without the need to do cardio provided of course you have the proper training. Cardio is to be seen mainly as a supplement that can be useful, just as I explained for burners here, especially for those who have the hardest time burning fat.