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Physical activity has proven effective in the fight against overweight.

osteopathA study in Britain shows that the increase in obesity is not associated with increased caloric intake of English but is correlated with levels of comfort equipment: car, TV , washing machine, etc. Thus, the main factor being overweight is not food but a sedentary lifestyle!

Move in the day!

Walking, climbing stairs, gardening, tinkering. All these activities are particularly beneficial to keep or regain the line. Of course, there is a long term project. But this new lifestyle is incredibly effective. If you decide to walk 30 minutes a day, in one year, you will consume the equivalent of 7 kilograms of fat

Make endurance sports!

Swim, cycle, run, do cardio indoor and cross country skiing in winter.The endurance sport burns a lot of calories because it is played on a long time and calls for a large muscle mass. To maximize its effectiveness, after a gradual warming of 10 minutes, stay at least 20 to 30 minutes at medium speed. At this intensity ‘you can talk but not sing.’ Again, making a run for half an hour, three times a week for 1 year, you burn the equivalent of 6 kilograms of fat.

Remember muscle building!

More muscular you are, the more you spend energy doing nothing!Throughout the day you burn calories just to maintain your muscle mass. Indeed, this noble fabric of our body is the seat of intense chemical activity. constantly we must repair and maintain in working all the muscle fibers. So men more muscular than women due to their hormones, have the right to eat every day a little more! So if you lose weight, including muscle at the end of a chaotic regime, you are likely to take more kilos than you’ve lost! A muscular sportsman burns at rest 5 to 10% more energy than sedentary skinny! That is the equivalent of 6 to 7 kg of fat in a year! Rest assured ladies, he is not about to become muscular. Rather shapely figure and refined enough. To sculpt your line, do fitness, gym maintenance and maybe some weight training.

Work your support!

To look beautiful, it is not enough to be lean and muscular. A strong muscle is not contracted more at rest, it is not ‘toned’. The high level swimmers back beefy yet they stand vaulted. A nice posture depends on learning. Playing a sport seeking the beauty of movement, our nervous system and program automates the muscle contractions to have a nice figure. To refine your look, do the dance, gym or fitness.You can also opt for riding, including training? or take care to keep your back while working front of your screen!

Vary your physical activities

Get moving in everyday life: walking, climbing stairs, gardening and tinkering. Make endurance sports to burn calories during the workout.Strengthen your muscles consume energy between sessions. Think of the sport to work maintaining your posture. Diversify your practice to maximize the benefits of sport on the silhouette. Vary you also to avoid boredom and keep all the fun for your entire life!

Make a habit of moving!

You understood the effectiveness of the exercise is indisputable but for the long term. Also, if you become active and athletic body impregnates your good resolutions and soon stabilize his weight at a lower level. another ‘pondérostat’ for your new way of life is said to be fixed. You will be thinner and you will give you a few differences without the balance you hold it against.

Be careful with ? stereotypes ? !

Scientific rigor requires some remarks and comments on some platitudes.

Fat does not turn into muscle!

You know, the muscle fibers consist of a long line of protein. The fibers are like big streets and each protein is one of the buildings. The stones of these buildings are the amino acids from the diet. These have nothing to do with the fatty acids stored in adipose tissue in relation to the muscles. To sculpt the silhouette, we must simultaneously gain muscle and spend these fats.

So if? Suchard square? do not characterize your abdominal wall, if your stomach is clearly covered by one? chocolate mousse Danone?, do abdominal can not create new muscle layer above the adipose panicle. The muscles under the fat cells. Abs can not be protruding above the layer of fat. The ? chocolate bar? can not cover the? foam ?.

Strengthening the abdominal does not? pull your stomach?

Strength training does not increase is not muscle tone? fortunately.

Muscle tone is the contraction of the muscle at rest. It can increase to maintain and protect a sore joint. When you suffer from lumbago, to limit inadvertent movements of the spine, back muscles are? toned?.If the weight allowed for muscle toning, you would finish your session stiff and crooked!

When you strengthen your abs, you do not increase their state of contraction. If you voluntarily retract the stomach is the lower abs that is most contracted. The fat and the gut back and make a ball just under the thorax: nothing to do with a beautiful belly revealing the muscular terrain.

Conversely, the state of contraction of the abdominal superb plate of chocolate continues to meet the principles of physiology! You complete the communion meal by a second cousin cream puff went straight down the room-mounted. Your abdominal relax, reduce their tone in digestion phase. They leave room for this? abundant? food.Bodybuilding or not, you need? discreetly loosened a notch your waistband!

By working a muscle, you do not burn the fat that covers the

Sir, it is not causing such a damned abs you see disappear belly fat!Madam, it is not overworking your buttocks that cellulite hips evaporates. The burning sensation felt in a muscle that is working intensively does not cause the melting of the fat posed above. Your abs and your glutes are not frying pans, small buoy your fat is not a lump of butter.

Some monitors claim that create “glutes abs” melts the fat from the hips. Simultaneously, they extol the virtues of work pectorals to support and enhance your breasts! Consistency and analytical mind seem letting them down! If cause muscle causes the loss of fat covering it, they should, on the contrary, warn you: “Attention, building your breasts chest melted like snow in the sun! ”

Fortunately, the fat can disappear thanks to the overall calorie consumption of the body. Look marathoners: they have the upper limbs skinny. Intense muscle activity legs drew his energy into his arms. Similarly, the grease used by the abs to perform an exercise and especially to talk to the rest comes from the body. Do not be discouraged, on the contrary, continue to do weight training.Strengthening each of your muscles, you tap into all of your fats. By working your chest, you refine your waist and your hips!

Sweating does not lose weight, sweat is not the fat that melts!

The sweat bead on your belly is not fat that background, it is water. It evaporates only trying to cool? your body burning. There is no need to emphasize this phenomenon by covering up with a thick layer of clothing or a windbreaker. After a heavy sweat Sports origin, the balance you good news, a kilo less! ? in one sitting! But the result is ephemeral: you have lost water! And, for your survival, it is essential to drink. Fortunately, you quickly retrieve your lost kilo.

The sport is not incompatible with a ‘diet’.

On the contrary, sport is essential to effectively and sustainably lose weight. Energy expenditure during exercise is useful. But it is especially the maintenance of muscle mass, which is essential.Indeed, the muscles are often undermined by restrictive diets. The organization collects in both the muscle than in adipose tissue that food no longer makes it. The sport ? and nutritional behavior not neglecting the proteins are essential to prevent muscle wasting.Following the advice in this book, you will manage to do sports without increasing your appetite. You will come to eat less while maintaining good physical abilities.

Muscle maintenance fostered through sport is more important than this tissue consumes a lot of energy to do nothing! So it is essential to preserve capital. It saves you the end of? supervised diet? to regain more weight than you do lose? due to decreased muscle mass!

Needless to play sports more than 45 minutes to start to lose weight!

Affirming the need to exercise more than three quarters of an hour to start tapping into fat comes from the interpretation of scientific data misunderstood! Some explanations are necessary to encourage and guide you in your daily practice.

What matters is the cumulative time!

To burn fat requires more oxygen to burn sugar. When stress becomes more intense, you do not wait to feel out of breath oxygen running out. In this context, the muscle uses more sugar. Conversely, when the power of exercise is moderate, the body has enough oxygen, muscles prefer to burn fat whose reserves are virtually inexhaustible. You understood, making it induces lipid utilization is not the extended term but low intensity! So at that speed you could continue your activity at least 45 minutes. This justifies the confusion between ‘extended period’ and ‘moderate’. This explains the wrong advice!

Thus, the muscles primarily consume fat at rest and little sustained effort. To keep your back straight at your computer, to walk, climb stairs, to tinker, to garden or do housework, you burn fat. Then move in your life everyday! Your daily activities? even split? are very effective for slimming! What matters is the cumulative time of the day, week and year!

The intense sport is not useless!

Rest assured most intense sports are not useless to keep or regain the line. If you consume sugar during exercise carbs before swallowing the next meal will replenish muscle sugar stocks. They do not turn into fat! If you are short of breath during your step class of pump or body-fight, it does not matter! Your sport helps you lose weight anyway!

Prolonged activities bring you a little ‘more’!

You understood, prolonged activities are necessarily moderate. They help burn more fat. Moreover, when the effort is prolonged the body tends seeking more willingly to inexhaustible energy reserves. True, from 45 minutes accumulated stress hormones reach more actively mobilize the fatty acids in the fat cells. That does not increase the amount of calories lost but can motivate you to schedule, this weekend, a hike or a long bike ride.

To burn fat and lose weight, vary your activities

As you can see each activity has its advantages! Feel free to practice many sports, enjoy yourself! Move throughout your life! This is the best way to have the line!

Sport hardly made weight against cellulite

Cellulite consists of small fat deposits surrounded by a thick fibrous tissue. Each stall form one? nodule? which gives this aspect? Orange peel ? quite characteristic. This fibrous matrix disrupts vascularization fat stored there. The blood reaches more difficult there to take away the accumulated fats. Cellulite fat is difficult to mobilize, particularly during exercise and diet?

Ladies? you will never lose weight where you want?. You burn your fat fire exercise, you throw it a draconian mired at the slightest seasoning your salad: your cheeks hollow, your chest is more discreet, but your hips continue to be enthroned on the chair! Thus was born the great myth, illusory, of? glutes ABS ?.

If these ? cellulite fat? are more specific to women is that their use typically proves feminine. The body protects to devote to their function: to provide the energy necessary addition to the last two trimesters of pregnancy and lactation. This latter period, however, is proving most effective for weight loss? located?. So what if? nurse? is not your profession?

care creams and ‘sudisettes’ can they help you slim down to where you want?

The ? sudisette bermuda? blocks the heat removal and evaporation of sweat. Again, the local sweating increase is not synonymous with weight loss. But the increase in local temperature promotes the opening of the small vessels that tried in vain to release outward accumulated heat. Similarly, when you’re hot, your face flushed by dilation of the capillaries of the face. In theory this phenomenon improves local skin and vasculature? … perhaps the most superficial fat layers. It would promote the mobilization of cellulite fat.

Care creams often contain caffeine or enzymes. The first substance is trying to locally stimulate the release of fat. The second attempt to degrade somewhat the supporting tissue that surrounds the vessels and traps fat. Again, these products would promote fat mobilization.These products have recently made some interesting progress. A review of independent consumer has shown some efficacy in a number of product especially for those of the brand L’Oreal.

Nevertheless, the results remain discreet. As you guessed, these devices allow at most fat release, but cause in no combustion. They must be involved in physical activity!

For ? locate? maximum fat loss, medicine is not particularly effective to offer. So you can try it? sudisette bermuda? for sport and? care creams? before and after your workout. That is less restrictive and less expensive than cosmetic surgery!

However, in any case, you should exercise the bust and members covered with a waterproof garment blocking the evaporation of sweat. You know, the sweating that would result would not make you lose weight. You know, the fountain is not the fat that melts. At most, would you be a victim of dehydration causing the premature interruption of your business see responsible for a serious illness!

In addition, Ms., know that your feminine design so appreciated is inherent in the envelope fat distributed around the hips. It is present in anticipation of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is part of? sexual characteristics? It is useful to differentiate the appearance of both sexes and seduce the partner. In short, this light panicle depends the survival of the species … So do not desperately struggling to see it disappear completely. Better yet, it is for your health. This adipose tissue involved in the production of the famous hormones that protect your arteries and bones. His presence is correlated with reduced risk of heart inherent in the female crisis. So please keep some feminine curves because? media standards? spreading in magazines are unrelated healthy criteria.

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