Weight Training: how well their muscles and remove the fat

Weight Training: how well their muscles and remove the fat


The strength develops strength, power and muscular endurance. The fitness is a form of training in strength training to the tone , the physical form and appearance. Thecardio means a drive based on the control of heart rate during exercise. These three practices can be addressed both in the weight room than at home or outdoors to increase the basic metabolism and burn fat . The muscles are energy!

Strengthening exercises practiced in training are poly-articular , they seek at least two joints in the same action to the example of squat, or single-joint , we speak of isolation movement . The programs taken to build muscles are called full-body , when working all muscle groups each session, or split when work muscle groups is spread over several sessions. Programs half-body are intermediaries, a meeting was devoted to the upper body, the next lower body. Finally, there are programs that tend to develop only part of the body (arms, chest etc ..) or one motor quality ( explosiveness , tone etc ….)

Weight Training program

Muscle mass Making Program

muscle mass gainHow to take muscle mass? Accrued move and implementation rates differ according to the purpose (aesthetic, power, maintaining a high basal metabolic rate)

Full Strength Training Program Body Weight

toning program without hardwareWith this full body workout circuit-training is a general body tonic that will be gained without excessive weight gain. There is a successive activation of all body muscles (triceps, abs, back etc …) in a rest-stress alternation which is adjustable according to the level of the practitioner. It increases the basal metabolism which is great for burning calories, even at rest!

All Strength Training programs

bodybuilding programOur fitness programs have performance targets ( catch volume , explosion, tone), aesthetic (having a flat stomach , amuscular back , the buttocks bounce ) or health ( increase the basic metabolism ,find a good physical condition ) .

Resistance exercise


clad in bodybuildingThe sheathing works the deep abs by standing still. To complicate reduces the support feet and hands or modifying the support.A good sheathing program consists of 5 rounds of 5 stand for 30 seconds to one minute by getting 30 “between postures.

tensile strength

Tensile strength training exerciseSucceeding a tensile strength is the aim of this learning program feasible at home. The pulling exercise ensures a rapid strengthening of the back, at the latissimus and teres major muscles, and arms to the biceps. The pulling action is executable with a bar, a guided load device or suspension straps.


developed resistance exercise layerThe bench muscle quickly chest . There are at least five forms of bench targeted effort on different muscle bundles. Thus the developed close hands strengthens the central part of the chest.

All strength exercises

squat strength training exerciseIt classifies the strength exercises into 2 categories: body weight exercises without equipment or exercises with loads. These charges can be free (dumbbells, weight bar, kettlebell) or guided. Guided loads are better for beginners to build muscles quickly without injury.

Fitness equipment and fitness


elliptical to muscle backThe elliptical, like cross-country skiing,Nordic walking and apartment rower , is a near-complete sport muscularly. All the muscles of the body part in a fluid motion limiting the traumatic impact on the joints.


fitness equipment dumbbellsThe realization of exercises with weights requires a significant effort to stabilize compared to exercises on guided loads; muscular work is now complete and fully functional. A free training program of 15 specific strength training exercises with hand weights and a training log adapted can be downloaded from this page.

All fitness machines

adjustable weight bench
adjustable weight bench

The fitness equipment cheap can still be very effective. Indeed it is not always worth investing lots of money in the purchase of equipment to build muscle; the choice of material and thus its price depends primarily on physical results you expect.

Food for bodybuilding


Spirulina and bodybuildingSpirulina is seaweed sports. It is an ideal food for muscle because it is an exceptional protein supplement for muscle mass and in terms of muscle oxygenation.

dry weight program

program to lose body fat quicklyAn example of progression to dry weight program to lose fat remaining in the stomach and hips.

All pages on the bodybuilding diet

Power to build musclesThe power to weight training is specific to the extent that it meets certain requirements relating to the maintenance and building of muscle fibers. The contribution especially in protein should be more important than the ration of a sedentary.

Muscles or muscle groups


abdominal muscles13 abdominal exercises for beginner, intermediate and expert

Bodybuilding Dos

have a back muscleBodybuilding back is possible with or without camera: pushups, casing, rowing, deadlift (deadlift). His back muscles responds to an aesthetic concern, to drive efficiency and health.


weight for pectoralstrength exercises for pectoral increase in volume or to increase the explosive force of the pectoral with equipment (dumbbells and bars) or without equipment (pumps) and associates stretching exercises.

Anatomy adapted to the practice of bodybuilding

weight for pectoralHave to know anatomy can follow a consistent weight training and not traumatic. Muscle and joint trips peculiarities of the human body guide the selection of appropriate exercises to perform.

How to build muscle? Effective methods to gain muscle

How to Get Ripped Abs

how to Get Ripped AbsRipped Abs been multiple requests. Drive-sportif.fr offers some answers to questions that often arise athletes for their strengthening.

the most effective methods to build muscles

how to build muscle fastHow to build muscle? The effective methods to quickly build muscle without injury differ between the aims pursued. They depend, above all, a weight at home, the available devices.

Start weight training

Abs program beginning

beginner strength training programThe Abs program of weight training without equipment for beginners is more aimed at sedentary people and young mothers wishing to regain a flat stomach after pregnancy. The pace of implementation is slow, controlled and continuously. Muscle contraction is accompanied by a complete expiration urging the diaphragm and deep abdominal.

beginner strength training program for weight loss

rope beginner program squatA skipping rope and a broomstick enough to follow at home that weight training for beginners wanting to lose fat . For 30 minutes it is 5 minutes toggle rope, 30 squats with a broomstick held in outstretched arms outstretched above the head, 30 seconds rest 5 minutes of rope, 30 squats etc …

Weight Training for Beginners

strength training for beginnersConcepts and basic tools to start weight training like painting, training log and pictures of bodybuilding facilitate the implementation of the comprehensive training program in the methodology. Our folderStrength beginner has 3 parts:

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