Strength training can be a more effective way to lose fat than cardio

Strength training can be a more effective way to lose fat than cardio.

The practice of bodybuilding is not just about muscle development. By increasing the basic metabolism, it helps our body to spend more calories at rest. The cumulative cardio, strength training is a great way to eliminate fat even while you sleep! Explanations.

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Metabolism in the service of the elimination of fat

false beliefsMany people think that bodybuilding is only used to gain muscle and it does not lose fat. This idea is wrong. By developing muscle mass, strength training increases basal metabolism and helps lose fat over the long term.The muscles are heavier than fat, one can certainly take a little weight on the scale but parallel refine its silhouette. Also read our dossier Strength training: the benefits to all levels .

The metabolism

The metabolism is the set of reactions occurring in the cells of our body:

  • to produce energy from nutrients (catabolism)
  • to synthesize the elements which our cells need to function (anabolism)

More commonly, the metabolism is described as all the energy expenditure of a person.

The BMR , or basal metabolic rate is the amount of minimum energy for our body to survive. It is the energy that we spend 24 hours, being the most complete rest, to ensure vital functions: organ function, maintaining body temperature, cell renewal, muscle activity. Basal metabolism depends on several parameters: gender, height, weight and age. For example, basal metabolism of a 35 year old male weighing 70 kg and measuring 1 m 70 is approximately 1640 kcal. That of a woman of the same age weighing 60 kilos and measuring 1 m 65 is 1370 kcal.

When we eat fewer calories than our body spends our body draws on its fat stores (triglycerides stored in the skin and around the organs) and sugars (glycogen stored in the muscles and liver). This leads to weight loss.Attention, it is neither to deny nor eat anything: not eating enough or playing a sport without a sufficient and balanced caloric intake, the body may have to dip into muscle mass. But the loss of muscle fibers is an irreversible after the age of 25 years.

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Lost more calories by increasing metabolismTo burn more calories, so just increase its metabolism. This can be done several ways. For example, eating consumes energy and therefore increases our energy expenditure. The temperature is the same: a cold shower forcing our body to burn calories to maintain its internal temperature. Physical activity, cardio training for example, greatly increases the metabolism, not only during the event but several hours later. You can find more information about this topic in our article: how to effectively increase metabolism .

This same principle applies to the rest: by increasing the basal metabolic rate, we will manage to expend more calories during inactivity, such as sleeping!

Strength training increases the basal metabolism

Max protein Definition

The practice of bodybuilding has the effect of developing muscle mass. The generated weight gain helps to increase basal metabolism. Moreover, during recovery, the muscle uses energy to rebuild, increasing metabolism naturally this. Finally, more muscle takes up the volume, the more it needs energy to function. This is true both during physical activity (endurance sports) at rest (basal metabolism).

To illustrate this principle, consider the example of a car. Our muscles are comparable to its engine. Glycogen and fat is stored fuel when we eat. The fuel consumption of the vehicle depends on two parameters: the size of the engine (the engine) and activity (the Plan). The car will consume a lot at high speed or a coast. It is this principle that is applied in endurance sports: more activity, the higher caloric expenditure is large. Now, increasing its displacement, for example by putting a larger, more powerful engine, the car will spend even more fuel to operate because its engine is more greedy. Similarly, developing our muscles, our body expends more calories and therefore more fat, both during physical activity at rest.

Cardio or strength training? Lose fat while you sleep!

vibrating platforms: an effective way to build muscle

body vibrationThe low frequency vibrations applied to our organization trigger the stretch reflex, a muscle contraction reaction in response to these unwanted solicitations.On a vibrating platform, the muscles contract between 25 and 50 times per second! 2 to 3 sessions of a few minutes a week is sufficient for a complete muscle building. A 10 minute session equivalent to 60 minutes of intensive training. Learn more

Endurance sports increase metabolism during exercise time and only a few hours after. The effects of such a run last up to 24 hours after the activity. During high intensity efforts,split exercises for example, the metabolism can stay higher up to 72 hours after exercise! During this time, more fat is burned including during sleep.

In comparison, a weight training session allows to spend less calories but its effect on metabolism is more durable.Muscle mass increased as the days and muscle power consuming throughout its reconstruction, basal metabolism increases. Thus, the organism spends more energy at rest.In the long term, more fat is burned.

Combining regular weight training and cardiovascular workouts, so visible it can increase its metabolism so more fat is consumed during and after exercise, including during sleep!

Fats are the main energy source used by the body at rest and during physical activity of low intensity (over 80% of the energy expended comes from fat). Increase the basal metabolism is so much more about their elimination.

How to build muscle?

Gaining muscle is to increase their muscle mass. After age 25, the number of muscle fibers decreases. It is therefore on the volume of fibers that work is done. You can earn 10% to 15% dry mass by performing appropriate exercises.

To develop muscle mass, three conditions must be met. It is necessary :

  • a specific training program because of sets and repetitions with heavy loads
  • a nutritional program rich in protein
  • rest

Electrical stimulation is also a convenient and efficient way to build muscles. It is particularly effective for the abdominal muscles and back. See our fileElectrostimulation: recognized virtues .
training program

Literature and Internet abound on the subject. We give here some basic tips. You will find exercises and photos on the site of Akelys .

It is muscle by lifting weights or using your own body:

  • Make several sets of repetitions of the same movement.
  • Allow 3 5 sets of 5 maximum 10 repetitions.
  • If you are able to perform more than 20 repetitions of the same exercise, the weight is not enough, increase.
  • Plan short breaks between sets (1-2 minutes).
  • Practice of 2 to 3 sessions per week for 20 to 30 minutes.

For a map and exercises to do at home without equipment, we recommend the program 66 (6 sets of 6 exercises) our Fabien partner, trainer: This program allows to track video gestures to do to build muscle effectively and safely. See the program .

The muscle to grow, needs a fuel: the protein. It must also carbohydrates as an energy source and lipids for cell construction.

In a specific regime of mass gain, the balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats is different from a conventional diet. We need more protein meals and provided less fat and carbohydrates. Protein should represent 40% of daily calorie intake against only 15% in a typical diet. It is commercially balanced meal replacement ready made (the gainers) with the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats and protein and can be eaten instead of a meal (see gainers offered by our partner and enjoy Fitnessboutique our coupon ) as well as protein products to develop muscle mass while reducing body fat (we recommend protein High Definition at Anastore, a whey whose protein concentration is optimal, no artificial sweetener or flavoring, without GMOs and using very few additives).

conventional power and ground connection system
Differences between conventional food and a ground connection scheme

Please note, this particular diet should be limited in time (4-6 weeks maximum) and only be conducted only in the specific context of a mass uptake regime. The massive intake of protein can disrupt the body, cause bloating and stomach pain. Consult your physician before undertaking such a scheme.

Your diet should also stay within your daily calorie needs and contain the nutrients necessary for your body (vitamins, trace elements, fibers, etc.). Drink lots and not skip meals, especially breakfast which helps the body startup and prevents your body to tap into muscle mass.

Allow 24 to 48 hours of rest between two sessions to allow the muscles time to recover. Indeed, it is during rest that the muscle grows. During exercise, muscle fibers are micro-tears. The muscle rebuilds and strengthens during the inactivity following, becoming stronger than before the effort.

Do not accumulate weight training and cardio sessions on the same day.

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